quality policy

quality policy


The pursuit of excellence, continuous innovation and the unique ability to faultlessly fuse Italian design and craftsmanship with the essence of each brand, has prompted Marcolin to adopt a Quality Management system certified in accordance with standards UNI CEI EN ISO 13485:2016 and UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

Marcolin S.p.A., born as a small artisan business in 1961, is now a global leader in the eyewear sector.


Marcolin Group is committed to working in accordance with applicable standards and international conventions on health and safety at work, environmental protection and social responsibility.

Marcolin's “Corporate Social Responsibility” programme aims to guarantee compliance along the supply chain with international standards concerning ethics, labour, health, safety and the environment, as promoted in its Code of Ethics which repudiates any form of discrimination, treasuring its resources and supporting the community.

Marcolin pursues sustainable development through continuous improvement of the production processes, in order to use resources efficiently, in terms of water and energy consumption.


Marcolin aims to pursue a quality programme broken down into the following steps:

  • develop and place on the market high quality, safe eyeglass frames and sunglasses;
  • respect product standards applicable on each market;
  • meet all the needs and expectations of customers, Brands and opticians, supplying products that are compliant with specifications;
  • generate profit for the company, adopting an objective-based approach, guaranteeing the safety of its employees;
  • assess the cost/profit ratio of the company’s quality system as a whole, maintaining its effectiveness over time as well as its compliance with mandatory requirements;
  • control, verify and monitor all defects identified before, during and after the manufacturing process as well as those reported by clients and the market.


With reference to the “Protection of Personal Data Processed” (General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR), Marcolin, through its Quality Management System, will:

  • carry out its activities in full compliance with reference laws and regulations (specifically, European Regulation 2016/679) in order to continuously improve the protection of the Personal Data and information processed;
  • ensure the lawfulness of its Personal Data Processing and observance of the rights of data subjects;
  • guarantee that the organisation and its managers collaborate in the processing of Personal Data and information, adopting measures able to guarantee adequate security levels for the types of information handled.


All of Marcolin’s collections follow a rigorous technical and qualitative process to ensure a perfect fit and meet the highest standards of quality.

Indeed, quality is the “Core Value” of every stage of the product's development, from design through to final production:

Conception and design of the product
Born from the joint work of the Brand and the Design Team to obtain a final product that expresses manufacturing excellence and the vocation and style of each brand.

Product Prototyping
This is the most representative stage of the craftsmanship of the process since every prototype must be conceived with utmost precision and attention to every single detail.

Choice of the materials
It is in this stage that product innovation comes to the fore, in the constant search for innovative materials and with an evermore attentive eye to biocompatibility, eco-sustainability and recycling.

The production processes reflect today's trends, in the light of the type of product requested by the market.

This is the final stage of the eyewear manufacturing stage that ranges from the addition of details (synthetic diamonds and wood) to the personalisation of the temple tips assembled with special glues or mechanical processes.
To guarantee the perfect fit, the final stage of the manufacturing process is the registration of the glasses.

Product Distribution
Marcolin has a strong market presence globally, personalised for each product (Customized Global Distribution).

Continuous Innovation
Marcolin has always been aware that technological changes and ongoing innovation of the design, the product and the process is the cornerstone of the company’s competitiveness.
It is important to promote a mindset that is open to the world and to the needs of others, encouraging input and feedback from the team as a whole. Being ready to change means continuously producing new assets and skills.

Differentiation of the Product lines.
Marcolin has the unique ability to faultlessly fuse Italian design and craftsmanship with the essence of each brand, because the fashion companies are involved in the conception and development of the collection and, furthermore, Marcolin is focussed on reflecting the spirit of each Brand, whether luxury or street brands, without any cross-contamination. Understanding the positioning of each Brand is important in defining a correct and different distribution chain for each brand.


  • Streamlining of the product development processes by optimising the procedures in order to achieve the results through a lean and immediate approach.
  • Improving the quality control of supplies and manufacturing to guarantee a high level of quality and reduce the number of returns from the market due to defects.
  • Implementing a risk management system to identify and assess risks and define the related preventive measures.
  • Understanding the Brand's positioning to define the correct distribution of the products.
  • Answering the market's requests/reports thanks to an efficient and approachable customer service.
  • Managing, enhancing, involving and empowering the human resources while respecting the personality, skills and competence of each of them, with the aim of developing training plans to implement programmes that are tailored to the specific needs of the people involved.
  • Constantly monitoring targets both in terms of turnover, quality and safety of the products, based on approved annual objectives in each sector.


The Quality Policy defined by Top Management is brought to the attention of all of the company’s personnel with the aim of achieving the customers’ full satisfaction and the reinforcement of the Company’s image on the market. All corporate functions must pursue the targets of the Quality Policy and actively contribute to their achievement.