eye on style

eye on style

Fashion is light, fluid, sensitive to changes, it flows fast like the liquid society described by the great philosopher and sociologist Zygmunt Bauman who shows us how to read and how to go beyond everyday behaviour in his analysis.
Being able to communicate to others who we are involves choosing a style, a perfect individuality by selecting clothes and accessories that make us feel special, able to activate a ceaseless and constant desired change.
Thanks to fashion, we can reinvent ourselves every day and change our identity.
We buy fashion to feel unique, different from others and  to feel part of a group at the same time. The objects we possess and exhibit in real life or on social media make us feel better or like others.
Fashion seduces, creates desire and as soon as a desire is fulfilled, a new one appears.
At each change of season we feel that strong desire to change. Without any doubt, fashion helps nourish our happiness and self-esteem.

Personal Shopper is a 2016 film directed by Olivier Assayas, starring Kristen Stewart: a film on invisibility, or rather on the contrast between what one believes to see (in everyday life, in communication, in the deafening affirmation of one self) and what happens away from our perception and under the incessant pounding of social notifications, our digital doubles.
In the film, Maureen is a young American woman, a personal shopper who has the task of choosing the ideal clothes for a demanding star called Kyra. Maureen also has the gift of communicating with spirits and is always waiting for a sign that arrives every time as a text message from a stranger :-)

No common personal shopper will accompany you on your online purchases or decide what to wear in your place during this virtual experience with Marcolin Eyewear. Your Personal Shopper will be your emotional guide on an inspirational tour amid the wonderful Eyewear brands to choose from. In fact, the object of your desires will be a beautiful pair of glasses, an essential element to define an outfit and to feel at ease on any occasion. This special guide, to support your Eyewear choices, will receive constant and unequivocal signs from the fashion world to improve your image or create a new one, through Eyewear style tips oriented to making original mix&match choices without ever losing sight of your aesthetic features. 

In recent years, the diffusion of a culture that is increasingly attentive to celebrating an individuality has transformed a pair of glasses from being a visual aid to a splendid accessory, promoting good sight to becoming an opportunity to benefit from the captivating vision we offer others. That's why in the fabulous game of communication, something in which we should all excel at to be successful, a pair of glasses is the accessory that we notice before a pair of shoes, a belt or a bag. The first meeting with the interlocutor is with the eyes and surely if they are not well groomed, it is much worse than not being well dressed.
There are so many elements to be taken into consideration when choosing a pair of glasses, but nobody can look for the ideal glasses without being aware of their visual problem that will certainly influence the choice of a frame. For example, a person who is very short-sighted should choose small glasses with a rounded shape like the pantos model that has become a much appreciated and well-established trend.

Round glasses are dominating the scene even for this season and if associating the round shape with the young Harry Potter, the wizard tormented by the turbulence of his adolescence, could dissuade the insecure ones, today the thirst for innovation excites so much so to desire Steve Jobs’ glasses to have an intellectual and sophisticated image. So, pantos in the common life leaves space also to the sturdy or light acetates we admire on the red carpet, as the accessory worn by celebrities. These glasses, which enhance the more square-shaped faces, enlarge small eyes and add volume to the fine lips.

The Web Eyewear collections always include the pantos model, even with a mix of materials and the fantastic vintage, models in acetate are a real basic choice to wear on all daily life occasions and that can also be turned into graduated sunglasses or very useful photochromic ones with lenses that darken on exposure to specific types of light.

However, the pantos model is not the only interesting alternative for an optimal vision from a distance. Even the Moncler puffy, the soft-shaped model inspired by the iconic down jackets, becomes a high performance and stylish eyewear. The perfect combination between thick acetate (lighter than normal) and soft acetate (fluffy). Highly performing and captivating, with two-coloured temples, the black puffy is especially interesting worn on cold and intense skin tones, (Demi Moore types for example) and expresses uniqueness with cosmetic lenses of the most contrasting colours, light nuances or medium single colours to wear at the office or during when on an afternoon shopping spree, as long as it is not a very sunny day and it is not necessary to protect oneself from UV rays with a darker lens. Worn with jeans, sneakers, a leather or down jacket in cold weather and, why not, with a black tight-fitting dress and high heels, the puffy gives a timeless look without having to give up on the uniqueness of the details.

Those who like being super trendy, cannot avoid including Atticus by Tom Ford in their #eyewearcloset, the coolest model of the Autumn/Winter 2018-2019 season inspired by the character played by Gregory Peck in the film "To Kill a Mockingbird" and considered the greatest hero of American cinema. Atticus holds to two trends in a single pair of sunglasses: a super-squared boxy shape with very bold geometries and a ski goggle soul wrapped around the temple. If all was needed to be fashionable last season was wearing simple geometries represented by rectangular, hexagonal and square models, this current season calls only for unconventional square shapes and the goggle trend is in the right season, to protect the eyes not only from cold, but even from wind and dust. A model for men with super-mirror lenses that is appreciated by the most daring women too. Atticus enhances longer faces and makes a statement on the roundish and not that slim faces with the exaggerated proportions.

Autumn/winter 2018-2019 is clad in geometries that seem like real architectures: we find them in all the accessories and even in clothing like the original jackets’ design to wear on the most special occasions.  Some stylists of the star system, but also various diffusion brands, are launching the boxy bags and by judging the amount of approval, this trend already seems to be winning over important followers.

But this is not it, there are more novelties for those who want to renew their wardrobe, Marcolin Eyewear has something for sparkling women too, those women who smile in front of a lovely bling-bling piece and who love to glow to shine with their own light. The cold winter season features ornaments and everything that makes a scene around the head: hats, turbans, baroque hairstyles, earrings and necklaces used as decorative elements on the head. Do you remember Marie Antoinette in Versailles? Well... her exuberance that exploded after the death of her spouse, King Louis XIV, shifted from a bizarre and sumptuous baroque style to a more frivolous and ostentatious rococo style. The sumptuous and elegant rococo style, rich in ornaments and arabesque decorations, is a trend interpreted in an unusual way by Swarovski.

The brand that produces Eyewear with Marcolin proposes this trend making it visible on the facets of many models. The glitter effect becomes a playful harmony of stones that characterise the surfaces of sensational glasses. The Atelier collection models have real embroideries and the eyewear is lacy.

Must have of this season is what the English call "blinged out shades" with an embroidering theme. Many designers are proposing this trend on clothes and accessories like shoes and bags so it could not be avoided on glasses to wear with minimal outfits to get noticed or with a more elaborate and extravagant look to light up the tones of a pleasant drama in an extraordinarily feminine key.
A wedding occasion, a day that calls for an exclusive elegance or a relaxing Saturday afternoon in town may be the right time to wear such a special pair of glasses so that every moment is special. Purple goes well with all types of colours, blonde or brunettes, and also the very auburn shades of hair. The chic mask model with lenses that tend towards apricot make the image of blondes even more sophisticated while the bronze model laced with champagne-coloured stones have a much more universal colour declination.

Meanwhile, autumn takes shape, and everything is more intense, from the colours of nature to the working and life rhythms. This is the time for a metamorphosis, and it will be easier to feel different and see the differences with the right pair of glasses. Because true, timeless beauty lies in diversity.

Marcolin project in collaboration with Angelica Pagnelli.