The right pair of glasses for every occasion

The right pair of glasses for every occasion

We love glasses for Every Occasion!

The perfect pair of frames, suits your personality, complements your face shapes, works wonderfully with your colours and is great to see better, to be seen better.
You wouldn’t wear the same outfit to a business meeting as you would for a night out, and the same applies to your glasses.
Wearing the right eyeglasses for every occasion of your life, makes you self confident and appealing at first impression!
What is the appropriate pair of glasses for every occasion? How can you match your eyeccessories with your outfit?

  •   For a business meeting

Classic glasses are the best choice for a conventional, traditional and very professional style. This kind of eyewear is a top-notch choice, made to fit any business and social life occasion. Basic, neutral or tortoise shell colours, represent a good cromatic choice for this occasion and also for daily use. Unisex styles and timeless shapes as aviator, pantos, oval or rectangle, are perfect for standard occasions and they definitely match every outfit. A blue rectangle shape complements the style of men wearing a formal suit, a vintage pantos in havana colour emphasizes a british style, while an oval shape in tortoise shell colour, should be great on a conservative lady, wearing a tailor made tailleur, a black office dress, a silk shirt or every personalized classic look. A leather moccasin for him and a midi heel for her that loves timeless bags, are the key accessories for such a kind of Eyewear style. Glasses and sunglasses complete a conservative appearance and are used not only as medical advice or to protect eyes from UV rays, but as the greatest accessory you can wear to be in style.

  • For an outing with friends

The best way to look cool when you hang out with your friends, is to be natural. Natural glasses should be sporty, friendly, minimal and easy. Natural colours and easy to wear shapes of your frames, will be the right choice for a versatile kind of eyewear, blending handy comfort with a casual look. The choice of materials is also very important for this kind of occasions and all moments of life requiring a comfort mood: light acetate, metal or titanium represent a good selection and substainable materials make glasses eco-friendly. Rimless or halfrim frames that do not change any aesthetic features, become performing in these occasions: sport, outdoor activities, walking, travels. Clip on is considered a useful accessory in sunny days and also for driving. Also embracing eyewear styles as shields or light masks, are excellent to underline a easy-going look. Glasses evoking a natural style are in perfect combination with clothes in natural fibers as linen and cotton, sneakers, a leather jacket and denim clothes, fresh look and relaxing attitude.

  • For a happy hour

Meeting your friends or your colleagues in a cool place on a Friday afternoon, is a great chance to dress to impress. Modern style glasses are the best choice to appear up-to-date to fit a contemporary, urban, fashionable and expressive look. Your new modern glasses should carefully match the colours of your clothes to complete and underline an appealing outfit. This occasion of life, requires the same style for a dinner with family or friends, for a new opening in the city, for a pleasant afternoon spent in a tea room in enjoyable company. Women can wear modern, no regular shapes, bright colours and optical frames with tinted lenses. Men appreciate eyeglasses with high bridge, or flash lenses, classic shapes restyled in a contemporary view. The winning outfit both for men and women that want to look right during this kind of occasions, is enhanced by some clothes and accessories that represent the must have of the season. To face these occasions, the wardrobe should be not so conservative, but it must include some seasonal fashion items, that allow you to switch very easily to modernity and innovation.

  • For a romantic dinner

Romantic people are characterised by a certain delicacy. Their look should reflect a soft spoken, emotional, gentle, unstructured and flowing style. Their glasses should go along with these vibes. Glamour and elegant eyewear shapes are the best choice for a refined look that suits this occasion and at any other memorable occasion like a wedding party, an important celebration and all special and precious moments of a life. Soft shapes, cat eyes or butterfly, heart or round glasses for ladies, in soft colours or with a sparkling effect, are really a good style opportunity. Feminine decorations on the front and temples, pink colour touches and a vintage effect, characterise a look suited for these events. Ladies may wear fitted dresses, dots and flowery patterns, laces, flounces and high-heeled shoes. Besides, men probably prefer gentle shapes for their glasses and no bold styles, also with a vintage interpretation. No matt colours for frames and for shoes in shiny leather. White shirt, slim trousers, a pocket square for a suit and delicate motifs on the tie and socks, to match with the right glasses to make your look so appealing.

  • For a rock show

The right sunglasses for a rock show and for all unconventional, fashion occasions, has to be fashionable, modish and en vogue. Iconic shapes are easily recognisable from cover albums pictures and fashion magazines. These kind of sunglasses or cosmetic glasses, characterized by tinted lenses, are meant for self-confident people that follow trends not to be noticed, but to feel unique. Mix & match is the main aim and it allows a cool, exclusive appearance. If you’re taking part to a music festival the right glasses will empower your right attitude. Trendy style is the key and trendy glasses define the total look like a cherry on the cake. All shapes, colours, styles, textures choosen for these moments of life, are referred to the most update eyeglasses visible on catwaks and fashion channels. They are perfectly combined with all the other trends on the market, involving clothes, accessories, hairstyles and beauty. If  boxi shapes, oversized sunglasses, flat glasses, mirrored lenses or orange colours are the must have of the season,of course,  you wouldn’t give up!

  • For a cultural event

Visiting a vernissage or an art-gallery it’s a challenging chance to show the most creative side of your personality. Many other occasions like this, can involve you as audience or protagonist. For example, many creative jobs as art director, painter, editor, pr, require a creative total look that involve also eyeglasses. Eyewear for unconventional or creative events has to be artistic, original, innovative with a bit of electricity. No rules to adopt this kind of style! You need good attitude to create your attractive style, matching colourful eyeccessories characterized by unconventional shapes. Petite or oversize, comfort or heavy, impactful or not, glasses suitable for such a kind of event, are linked to art or to creative concepts,; they are not common and they are fabulous in match with a personalized style, that nobody can replicate. A creative mood is recognizable for uniqueness and refers to customized, contrasting choices, like for example an intellectual shape for glasses on a very extravagant outfit or a bold pair of sunglasses on a gentle look.

  • For a night at the opera

Some special occasions deserve a very dramatic and striking look. Wearing dramatic, impactful  eyeglasses, create a bold image and emphasizes your charisma. A pair of impressive glasses makes your appearance noticeable and amazing. Glasses and sunglasses in same colour of clothes or in contrasting tones, create a very noticeable look, appropriate for this event or many worldly events, that recall a red carpet. The attitude for these events is oriented to draw the attention of all people around. Decorations on glasses, stones, oversized shapes or micro ones, amazing masks, colourful textures, thick acetate, make the look of ladies so impressive. Men would wear big masks or gold effects and mirrored lenses: these features characterize all dramatic styles, really so attractive for these special occasions. Catwalk’s model would be always in the wishlist and all iconic design eyewear collections represent the magic dream. Total white or total black look, fitting dresses for ladies, extravagant suits for men, creative shoes and any kind of impressive clothes or accessory, complement this outstanding look that need extraordinary eyeglasses.

Considering that every occasion of life needs a proper pair of glasses or sunglasses, to be functional and stylish, each one of us would have an amazing Eyewear Wardrobe.

The Eyewear Wardrobe assimilates eyewear accessories to all other male and female accessories, that complete and define an outfit, making it more interesting.
You can create it time by time, focusing on your:

  • visual problems
  • personal needs
  • individual style
  • aesthetic features