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In conversation with EMILIO FULGIONE

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Emilio Fulgione

On the occasion of World Environment Day, which has been celebrated on 5 June every year since it was first established in 1972, we’re taking a look at the projects and actions in support of sustainability to which the company is committed, with Emilio Fulgione, Marcolin’s Group Operations Director.

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The Traceability Project, whose launch you oversaw, is an important step involving the supply chain. What’s it all about?

Sustainability is one of the cornerstones of the Marcolin story: we’re committed to this issue in every area of the company, starting with the product and involving the entire value chain. The result of this engagement, in terms of product for example, prompted the company, the first in the eyewear sector – among manufacturers – to obtain ISO 13485:2016 certification, an international standard for quality management systems in the medical device sector. An important prerequisite for this award was the ‘Traceability Project’ in which the company has been engaged for some time, supporting continuous monitoring in the supply chain of glasses placed on the market. The project envisages that all frames for sunglasses and prescription glasses made by Marcolin will feature a laser-engraved serial number on the temple (also indicated on the labelling of each product, together with the date of manufacture), thus enabling the company to trace the frames from production to distribution. 


How does traceability affect the sustainability of both natural and human resources?

Certification and the Traceability Project are part of a broader ESG plan developed by the company, which has economic, social and environmental sustainability as one of the foundations of its development strategy. We embrace care for the environment, for people and for effective, modern corporate governance, to achieve those 17 SDGs [Sustainable Development Goals, Ed.] set by the United Nations in 2015. A commitment for all of us, which we also ask our partners and suppliers to share, in a vision of collective social responsibility. 


What’s the secret of an efficient and sustainable supply chain, and in which factors will Marcolin be investing in the future?

Marcolin pursues its commitment by investing: through research and development projects focusing on new sustainable materials for both products and packaging. Then we have monitoring and quality and product safety control along all stages of the value chain. But we go even further than that, by qualifying and selecting our suppliers, drawing up an ongoing analysis and risk assessment. Attention to the environment also involves our production site, whose environmental management system is certified in compliance with ISO 14001. It’s the accolades we’ve received that motivate us to continue along this path: we’re constantly engaged in the study and development of energy efficiency and waste reduction projects. Without forgetting the importance of the safety of the environments in which production facilities are located. Ensuring safe, healthy environments for our resources is another of the company’s core values. 

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  • 3 questions to With Sabrina Paulon

    May is the month that the European Commission and the EU Platform of Diversity Charter dedicate to promoting and celebrating diversity in the workplace. Sabrina Paulon, Group HR Director at Marcolin, following the company’s recognition as Italy’s Best Employers for Women 2023 in the eyewear industry, talks about the three key words for successful human resources management.

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  • 3 questions to WITH Duro Olowu

    The Nigerian born British fashion designer, renowned for his use of bold and harmonious patterns in his womenswear collections, discusses the inspirations behind his Capsule Collection for MAX&Co, titled “People, Places, Colour”. Modern, youthful, and chic, it includes sunglasses with frames printed in one of the bold patterns that is also featured on the clothing in the collection. As well as a case in the same pattern by Olowu for MAX&Co.

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  • Around the world 3 days in Longarone Valley

    An open-air set in the setting of the Dolomites, a Unesco World Heritage Site since 2009. Breathtaking landscapes in the valley of eyewear: from Cortina D'Ampezzo to The Tre Cime di Lavaredo up to the profile of the mountains imprinted on the iconic Web Eyewear.

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    Marcolin opens its new showroom in one of the most fashionable streets in Paris.

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    What does “leadership” mean today? To answer one of the key questions of our time, Marcolin kicked off the third edition of a specific training project.

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    We met Treedom founder and CEO Federico Garcea, who was recently hosted at the first Marcolin Talk at the Milan showroom.

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    In the heart of autumn, three outdoor destinations for a full immersion in the colors and beauty of this season.

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    Visions. A new show makes its debut at Marcolin showroom in Milan.

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  • Tell me a story about Marcolin at ApritiModa

    The Longarone headquarters successfully opened its doors to the public

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  • Tell me a story about The Art of Craftsmanship: a project by Tim Walker

    The Italian Lifestyle and craftsmanship. These are the values that a brand like Tod’s has transposed onto its objects since the 1970s.

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  • Tell me a story about A new service

    Marcolin introduces a new workplace counseling service for its employees in Italy

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  • Behind the scenes about The Maxim

    Max Mara decided to introduce a new jewel-like detail in its eyewear. Let’s have a chat about it with Lara Marogna, Group Style & Product Development Director, who started her career in the world of jewelry.

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    For anyone involved in outdoor sports, eyewear is not just a style statement but a piece of equipment that can affect your performance.

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  • Behind the scenes about SILMO 2023: Marcolin in Paris

    The Company is among the protagonists of the annual international optics and eyewear trade fair.

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    A pink touch for the new capsule collection by Guess Eyewear and Marcolin in support of women’s health.

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  • Behind the scenes about 6 things you don't know about Marcolin

    In 2021 it celebrated 60 years of activity during which Marcolin has come a long way. This is demonstrated by the 15 million glasses sold on average every year. But so are other data.

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    The young and talented Chinese Formula One driver made his debut for Alfa Romeo in 2022, after a period in the Renault Sport Academy and before at the Ferrari Driver Academy. Committed in the new Formula One season, we meet up with him, during a break between circuits to find out more about one of the faces of the new limited edition WEB EYEWEAR capsule collection, born from the partnership with Alfa Romeo F1 Team.

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  • Tell me a story about A journey that starts with an idea

    There are aspects destined to remain invisible in any object’s production cycle. But these are also the ones that leave the greatest mark. To find out what they are, we headed into Marcolin’s product style department.

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  • 3 questions to With Andrea Batilla

    It is impossible to summarize here Andrea Batilla’s long career in fashion, from his debut with Romeo Gigli to creative consulting for some of the most iconic brands. Andrea Batilla is also the author and founder of Pizza, a magazine dedicated to young creative talents from Milan. His latest book is titled “Come ti vesti” (Mondadori). We’re meeting him on the eve of the Milan Fashion Week, that this year will be held between September 19-25.

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  • Behind the scenes About One of Carlo Scarpa's masterpieces

    Marcolin sets the campaign for the new Web Eyewear collection in the historic Olivetti showroom in Venice, a masterpiece designed by Carlo Scarpa.

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  • Behind the scenes about How is a pair of glasses created?

    Among the various manufacturing steps, all of which are invisible to the public, there is one that is particularly long and delicate. It is referred to as tumbling, it originated in the 1950s and is still today an essential part of the fascinating journey that leads to the creation of a new frame.

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  • Tell me a story about Back to work

    When does the year really start? In September. When, recharged during the summer break and still tanned, but with a very busy schedule, you go back to work. It’s the perfect time to look at your wardrobe and rethink your work, meeting or travel outfits, from blazers to pants, from suits to accessories. Including – why not? – your spectacles. An accessory that is a true styling detail that – worn every day – becomes part of your identity. But also an accessory that – and this is the beauty of life – every year renews and reinvents itself. Here are three looks for three different styles.

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    Between one break and another, down to the wire of one of the most adrenaline-pumping competitions in the world, we intercepted the Finnish Formula 1 driver, Valtteri Bottas, who has been firmly on board with Alfa Romeo since 2022. We took the opportunity to find out more about him, a testimonial of the new limited edition Web Eyewear capsule collection, born from the partnership with Alfa Romeo.

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  • Around the world 3 days in Lenses for travelling

    In a hot air balloon, aboard one of the oldest railway lines, recently restored, or surfing the highest waves at Oceania’s most iconic beach. Three experiences inside and outside Europe’s borders, to be enjoyed in style, accompanied by special lenses ideal for travelling, the result of Marcolin expertise.

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  • Tell me a story About Frames and Storylines

    Sunshine and favourable weather are ideal conditions for idleness to become an opportunity for regeneration. In a kind of game and experimentation, we have selected and matched eyewear and books, to take with you wherever you can lose yourself in the realm of imagination.

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  • Tell me a story About Iconic 1980s

    While it is true that every era has its own style, it is equally true that it is taste and inclinations that define its identity. The 1980s were the decade in which, in the eyes of the world, Italy went from being recognised as the ‘Bel Paese’ to the cradle of an industrious and organised system of excellence that decreed the success of an all-Italian heritage.

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  • Behind the scenes About Augmented Reality

    Marcolin focuses on augmented reality technology and launches an immersive tour project within its Italian factories, through which it will be possible to discover the behind the scenes story of the fascinating eyewear manufacturing.

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  • Tell me a story About The eclectic 1970s

    The 1970s were all about those major themes that accompanied the tumultuous transition to the contemporary world we know. A transitional era full of contradictions, whose influences on taste have permeated the spaces and objects of our everyday life in various ways. Eyewear included.

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    If we were looking for a simple definition, a dictionary would suffice to discover that prototyping is that stage of the industrial process in which a product prototype is created, and that, by extension, it refers to the company department dedicated to its creation. To gain access to the world that lies behind simple definitions, we visited the Longarone headquarters of the Marcolin Group to find out more.

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  • Behind the scenes About New MetaHumanism

    There are several factors that influence the shapes and colours of the glasses we wear. Needs, desire and necessities are the elements that a creative intercepts, by means of intuition, in order to give body, shape and colour to tomorrow’s collections.

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  • Tell me a story About The Great Cosmic Mother

    Of all the stories offered up by legend, that of the Great Mother spans the five continents. In Stockholm, the first retrospective on Monica Sjöö, a Swedish artist, eco-feminist and activist, offers insights into hot topics from yesterday as well as today: from the struggle for equal rights to the history of feminism and ecology, via legend and spirituality.

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  • 3 questions to With Elisa Lovatello

    Among the many talents that a creative has, intuition is key. Like a compass, it helps to find one’s direction in the ocean of present-day style, as well as to spot its potential future developments. Elisa Lovatello is a Senior Creative Designer & Cool Hunter at Marcolin and she has made intuition her profession.

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  • Tell me a story About The 1960s

    In 1960, three Hollywood stars gathered in Reno, Nevada, to shoot a film that Time Out would define as a superb anti western. Photographic cooperative Magnum realized how exceptional the event was and sent 9 of its most talented photographers to document the film’s behind-the-scenes. Today, an exhibition curated by Forte di Bard and Andrea Holzherr for Magnum Photos Paris shows the set backstage images of a movie that has made history, The Misfits, where Marilyn Monroe’s allure is captured forever: a style icon and a symbol of an era that still inspires us today.

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  • Tell me a story About Face shape

    Oval, round, square, triangular. According to Arianna Foscarini’s method, it is possible to determine the perfect pair of glasses for every face. The secret lies in balancing technique, aesthetics and personality.

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  • Behind the scenes About Summer in your shades

    Following the rhythm of the colour wheel that, like the Plough in the sky, recalls the idea of movement, we observed the transition from the cold season to the warm one together with Silvia De Col, Colour & Material Coordinator at our Longarone headquarters.

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  • Behind the scenes About Customer Experience

    The Summer Buying Days 2023 have just come to an end. Five immersive days spent in unspoilt surroundings just a few miles from Lake Garda, surrounded by a restored 12th century abbey, amidst the green park and gentle hills of the Brescia area and the Chervò Golf Hotel Spa & Resort San Vigilio, the setting for the new experience organized by Marcolin Group for its partners. The company’s planning focuses on the high value it places on relationships.

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  • Around the world 3 days in Marcolin in Stockholm

    In the City Hall, as a sign of rebirth, where myth blends together with folklore in the celebration and worship of the summer solstice, of trees and female deities, Max Mara presented the Resort 24 collection, whose lines and patterns clearly nod to the Scandinavian land. Marcolin flew to Stockholm to see the city’s spirit through the eyes of one of its many talents, Lisa Olsson, a big devotee of the Max Mara brand.

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  • Tell me a story About Guess Festival Collection!

    Spring is riding the long wave of the arrival of good season on the powerful notes of music. In keeping with the atmospheres and musical vibes of the most eagerly awaited festival - the one headed straight to summer - Guess presented a dedicated collection at Primavera Sound in Barcelona, from which it takes the name, forms and the colours of the carefree nature of the bluest skies. With the help of Elisa Maino, one of the best-loved influencers in Italy and beyond, we looked at it and interpreted it in notes and frames with volumes as enveloping as the decibels that accompanied it.

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  • 3 questions to With Barton Perreira

    In 2019 Marcolin Group entered into a limited distribution agreement with one of the most prestigious and innovative eyewear brands. Barton Perreira stands out as an exceptional and distinctive independent brand in the eyewear industry. The brand's Co-Founder and CEO, Bill Barton, is dedicated to producing handmade eyewear of the utmost quality. Meanwhile, Co-Founder and designer Patty Perreira brings her unwavering commitment to design excellence, resulting in the creation of some of the most beautiful eyewear designs worldwide. With this powerful partnership in mind, we present three inquiries to this dynamic American duo regarding their creative process and manufacturing practices.

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  • Tell me a story About Timberland and the Earthkeepers®

    It's World Environment Day! Every year on 5 June, since 1974, in a crescendo, the ever-growing and increasingly cohesive international community has focused on a different issue each time: the 2023 edition, hosted in Côte d'Ivoire, concentrates on the burning issue of environmental pollution and reminds us how crucial the actions of individuals are in combating the use of plastic in everyday life. The slogan chosen to accompany the campaign is already going viral: #Beatplasticpollution. Marcolin is also joining in with this slogan and actions geared towards a concrete commitment to environmental protection, shining a spotlight on one of its top brands, among the most innovative in the business.

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  • 3 questions to With Yanis Serbout

    Captured against the aesthetic backdrop of Sorrento, the French model who has a poet’s charm talks to us about his day through a styling mood board. At the end of the interview, we have three looks, from morning to sunset, to best interpret the spirit of this place.

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  • Tell me a story About Italian passion 

    Passion and culture of beauty is the common thread that binds Marcolin to FuoriConcorso, the event that gathers automotive culture enthusiasts every year during the weekend at Villa d'Este in Cernobbio, in the unique scenario of Como Lake.

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  • Around the world 3 days in Marcolin in Sorrento

    Together with Milanpyramid we explore Sorrento, the final stretch of Campania overlooking the Gulf of Naples.

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  • Behind the scenes About Bauhaus Inspiration

    Let’s inaugurate the first in-depth feature of the Behind the Scenes column by showing what lies behind the making of a collection.

    di Redazione

  • Tell me a story About Maria Frida

    Telling the story of a collector’s item means entering into the world that inspired it. Objects that could feature in a hypothetical Marcolin hall of fame would include her, Maria Frida, a creation designed and produced for an Italian brand with a marked pop and evocative component - GCDS, the acronym standing for Giuliano Calza Design Studio - which encapsulates the power of the three Ws, not as ethereal references to virtuality, but as a creative act expressed according to characters of singularity. Maria Frida is all of this: weird, wild, wonderful.

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  • Tell me a story About Marcolin and Timberland Forest

    Our concrete commitment in terms of global participation and focus on safeguarding the planet.

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