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Photo: Luca Broilo

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3 days in

Marcolin in Sorrento

Together with Milanpyramid we explore Sorrento, the final stretch of Campania overlooking the Gulf of Naples.

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Sorrento, just like a star, brightens up the fourth and last part of the peninsula – the final stretch of land of Campania overlooking the sea that owes its name to it.

Renowned for its captivating charm, according to myth, Sorrento is the queen of the land where the legendary sirens were said to reside. Like sailors, attracted by the beauty of this stretch of coast, against the breathtaking backdrop of the Gulf of Naples, Around the World, Marcolin’s column that explores the world from the viewpoint of eyewear, lands on this beautiful location in Italy with Aya, better known as Milanpyramid, one of the most influential content creators globally. Aya born in 1996 in Egypt but raised in Milan gives voice to a generation of young women whose identity is otherwise little represented.

As a symbol of a cultural melting pot, she focuses on fashion as a key topic to share her experiences as a young Muslim woman in Italy

Thanks to her great taste, which clearly nods to vintage inspirations, this meeting in Sorrento, the major city in the Sorrento Peninsula, steeply rising from the sea at 50 meters above sea level, is accompanied by a mood board with an all-Italian style. «The whole world recognizes the magnificent beauty of the Amalfi Coast but only few people have visited Sorrento. It’s a little jewel in the crown», says Aya.

The best way to end the day is to relax on the beach at sunset

With these geometric wraparound shapes and versatile materials – ranging from bold acetate to a lightweight metal frame that, with its tubular temples, conveys a dash of edginess – wearers are immersed into the atmosphere of Sorrento, day to night.

At every corner, there’s something special and amazing: whether you’re taking a stroll downtown, through the little streets running around Piazza Tasso, the city’s outdoor salon, with its coffee shops and retro chairs – the ideal place for a short break, while sipping the peninsula’s typical lemon-based drink. Or whether you’re admiring the places devoted to the spirit – the Cloister of Saint Frances, which is the warm-tinted symbol of the spirit itself, or roaming around the local market stalls, picking their fresh produce. The ever-present color dotting the landscape, apart from the blue of the sea, is the green of its lush parks. In Villa Fiorentino, a great example of Italian Art Nouveau style, with its rose and camellia gardens pervaded by the dominant olfactory notes of a citrus grove, a colonial building is concealed, which once served as the residence of the caretaker and which contains mysterious frescoes of unknown origin.

The whole world recognizes the magnificent beauty of the Amalfi Coast but only few people have visited Sorrento. It’s a little jewel in the crown

There are many ways to end the day in Sorrento

But Aya suggests one in particular, with a timeless charm. «The best way to end the day is to relax on the beach at sunset» she states. And the private beach of the Maya Beach Resort in Massa Lubrense, along that stretch of coast inhabited by the legendary sirens, is the ideal venue to fall under the spell of the waves, wearing extremely oversize lenses as a protection talisman.

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