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ic! berlin: think with your own eyes

Tell me a story about A new vision

What’s the strategy you just can’t do without today? Customer care: it’s the real buzzword for any business.

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Tell me a story Eyewear? More than an accessory

How important is choosing eyewear in fashion? During the Milan catwalk days, let’s meet fashion psychologist, author and blogger Paola Pizza to learn more about it.

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Tell me a story about Innovative Style Refined: TOM FORD Eyewear Collection

Introducing the TOM FORD Eyewear Archive Collection which pays homage to the iconic styles that have defined the brand's illustrious 20-year history.

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Tell me a story about New leaderships

What does “leadership” mean today? To answer one of the key questions of our time, Marcolin kicked off the third edition of a specific training project.

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