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Photo: Courtesy of Guess

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Guess Festival Collection!

Spring is riding the long wave of the arrival of good season on the powerful notes of music. In keeping with the atmospheres and musical vibes of the most eagerly awaited festival - the one headed straight to summer - Guess presented a dedicated collection at Primavera Sound in Barcelona, from which it takes the name, forms and the colours of the carefree nature of the bluest skies. With the help of Elisa Maino, one of the best-loved influencers in Italy and beyond, we looked at it and interpreted it in notes and frames with volumes as enveloping as the decibels that accompanied it.

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Every year, the arrival of summer is celebrated, needless to say, to the sound of music.

Among the most eagerly awaited events that pay homage to it are the festivals which, starting in April, take place in the most picturesque and well- or little-known locations in Europe, arousing renewed momentum in a post-pandemic context which, as of this year, has regained an unprecedented following in terms of participation. The months of May and June act as a springboard for innumerable sounds and suggestions from the most diverse countries to the point where we can only ride the long wave of festivals by browsing through the offerings and selecting by genre. And, starting from the northern European backbone, the four-day Bergenfest in Norway brings together Nordic sounds and international rock in a skilful mix, enriched by the less familiar notes of American country. Festivals aren’t just about music, they’re also events that can become one with extraordinary landscapes through the power of sound. So, from the great north to the southern outposts of the Mediterranean, the appeal of live performances is unparalleled: from indie rock to electronica via jazz and pop. From Cornwall, inside the Eden Project, a paradise carved out of a former kaolinite quarry housing two of the world’s largest biospheres, to the jazz festival in Athens, in the extraordinary post-industrial setting of Technopolis.

Primavera Sound in Barcelona, one of the most popular festivals for indie rock music lovers, which this year was also broadcast via streaming, offered up beachside performances in the form of emotional happenings.

How could Guess, a mesmerising young brand, not pay tribute to the spirit of music and the Rainbow Color Festival with a dedicated collection?

The Festival Collection by Guess is all this and more.

An alchemic journey that transforms sounds into geometric, enveloping frames and decibels into the bright, vibrant colours of the summer months. It was right in Barcelona, in its flagship store in the city’s most chic district, that Guess presented its Festival Collection, with the help of Elisa Maino and other guests invited to celebrate the day.

Look and location make me think about the song Runaway by Aurora…every time I listen to it, I relax. It gives me a beautiful sense of peace. This place and the romantic outfit combined with refined glasses create beautiful plays of light with the sun, giving my face a wonderful radiance.

Echoes of memory combined with musical sounds.

«I remember when I was about 14 years old I always wore floral dresses and flashy glasses with big frames and listened to One Direction a lot», says Elisa.

This combination reminds me of the hours I used to spend listening to their songs with my friends during days at the lake where I lived when I was younger.

In this spirit, mixing eyewear and sound inspirations turned out to be a game capable of creating suggestions with a strong personality. Until our next Festival.

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