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3 things you don't know about WEB EYEWEAR

From aviation pioneers to Hollywood stars (and beyond). It is the fascinating story of a collection born almost 100 years ago and produced by Marcolin since the 2000s.

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Date of birth: 1930

WEB EYEWEAR were born overseas in the 1930s as pilot frames, close to the standards set by the American aviation and to the needs for resistance, flexibility and perfect vision that the first airplane pilots, women and men out of the ordinary and the schemes, authentic pioneers of the air such as Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart. Today, almost a century later, they still exist: they have lost weight, acquired new proportions, have been enriched with precious details but have always remained true to themselves. Starting from the unmistakable double screw bridge and celluloid temples.

The debut in the jet set

In 1994 the brand was acquired by Diego della Valle and Luca Cordero di Montezemolo: it was the moment of the great relaunch of this brand also on the European scene. A relaunch that takes place through new lines, colours and materials. It is no coincidence that WEB glasses end up on the covers of all the most important magazines, worn by various Italian celebrities and Hollywood stars, up to today, by the drivers of the Alfa Romeo F1 Team. Starting 2006, the brand was then acquired by Marcolin.

The new collection

Drop-shaped, round or mask-shaped (or just for vision): over the course of almost thirty years, WEB EYEWEAR models produced by Marcolin have been renewed, always respecting the quality of artisanal and sophisticated craftsmanship at the same time, one of the characteristics that distinguish a company like Marcolin. Like the latest new collection, which embodies transparency and contemporary design, reflecting the brand’s Italian DNA with passion and personality. The frames are characterized by vitrification and layering processes that enhance luminosity and colour and showcase intricate mechanisms and details within elegant structures. The iconic WEB torchon and diamond pins add functionality and aesthetics, satisfying the modern consumer’s quest for elegance and style. Confirming WEB as the perfect glasses for nomadic, explorer and indomitable souls. Even in everyday life where, often, more courage and creativity are needed than in a few hours of flight.