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Behind the scenes

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The Maxim

Max Mara decided to introduce a new jewel-like detail in its eyewear. Let’s have a chat about it with Lara Marogna, Group Style & Product Development Director, who started her career in the world of jewelry.

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How did you come up with the idea of a precious detail in the creative process that led to the Max Mara signifier?

Ideas are always born from a need, and in this case we needed to characterize the eyewear, to make it more recognizable, which is increasingly complicated in today’s crowded market. Max Mara has its own behavioral code, which derives from and conveys elegance, charisma and awareness. So we were inspired by these values, along with the ability to stand out from the crowd but without raising one’s voice; in this case we created a geometric element with well-studied proportions that was the fruit of great experimentation. Maxim goes beyond the idea of a simple decoration, becoming a detail that makes the eyewear recognizable, while at the same time enhancing the eyes of the wearer, without arrogantly imposing itself. It’s the same Effortless and Allure philosophy that clearly characterizes the Max Mara collections.



What can a precious detail add to a unique everyday accessory like eyewear?

Metal is a material that instantly brings wealth to mind, and it is also strong, reassuring and endless. It reflects light more than any other material, it makes us sparkle, it dances with light, creating movement and catching the eye.

Metal is a material that instantly brings wealth to mind, and it is also strong, reassuring and endless.

Sensorial or sentimental: what type of pleasure does a jewel most satisfy?

Jewels recall a combination of at times contrasting sensations. Sometimes they recall vanity, sometimes the emotionality of a certain moment, sometimes they are reassuring. Gold and stones are precious materials because they lie deep inside the womb of the Earth for millions of years, finding them and making them sparkle is risky and complicated. Gold is immutable and untarnished, it doesn’t change over time, nothing affects it, that’s why it’s a symbol of the eternal promise of love. And that’s why it increases in value through the years and the generations: the jewel we wear tells our story, reassuring us that it will tell it forever, keeping our memory alive.