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ic! berlin: think with your own eyes

Tell me a story about A new vision

What’s the strategy you just can’t do without today? Customer care: it’s the real buzzword for any business.

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Around the world 3 DAYS IN Eyewear for the festive season

There’s no better way to ring in the New Year than with a holiday in the snow or in a festively lit city buzzing with life. Ready to set off? Here are three trendsetting destinations. And the right glasses to wear there.

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Tell me a story About Maria Frida

Telling the story of a collector’s item means entering into the world that inspired it. Objects that could feature in a hypothetical Marcolin hall of fame would include her, Maria Frida, a creation designed and produced for an Italian brand with a marked pop and evocative component - GCDS, the acronym standing for Giuliano Calza Design Studio - which encapsulates the power of the three Ws, not as ethereal references to virtuality, but as a creative act expressed according to characters of singularity. Maria Frida is all of this: weird, wild, wonderful.

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