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A journey that starts with an idea

There are aspects destined to remain invisible in any object’s production cycle. But these are also the ones that leave the greatest mark. To find out what they are, we headed into Marcolin’s product style department.

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The value of thought

With very few exceptions, today’s glasses are no longer made from rare, prized materials. But their value goes beyond the tangible nature of this aspect: it’s the creative process that makes the difference. In other words, that invisible, in some ways imperceptible, phase of work in which a thought is transformed into a sketch and then into a design, calling into play experience, hours of work, painstaking attention to detail. Thus begins the journey that will lead to the creation of a new frame, helping offer a precise view of the world. This is the intangible heritage we always find behind the creative process of a new frame, as everyone in the Marcolin Style Department knows. A way of working akin to the high engineering of the world of jewellery.

Each model has its own values, a precise history and different inspirational muses.

Eyewear as jewellery

It is precisely from the world of jewellery, where even the smallest detail – given the premium quality of the materials – must be taken care of with the utmost attention, that inspiration is taken to add value to a pair of glasses. Such as the insertion of small ‘wrong’ marks that can change refraction, create a chiaroscuro effect, break the perfection of a temple. Small interventions that mean an object is no longer characterised as mass produced and give it a very human uniqueness and, therefore, a greater value. Details that are not without significance. Because it is even in the smallest of gestures, such as choosing a pair of glasses, that we reveal how much value we attach to ourselves.

The emotional aspects

Coming up with a new collection, in fact, means taking a whole host of aspects into account. Starting with the fit, because a pair of glasses must, first and foremost, be comfortable. At the same time, however, it is a special object, which is always chosen following the heart, our most emotional organ. And which, by surrounding our eyes, communicates something about us to the rest of the world. The care that goes into the details in the creative phase is the very ingredient that can touch those senses and emotions, because it conveys the soul, the value of the licences with which a group like Marcolin works. In a nutshell, with each new collection, the challenge is to innovate by touching new sensory and emotional chords, while remaining true to the character of each brand: each model has its own values, a precise history and different inspirational muses. Everyone needs to be well aware of these aspects and follow them very closely.

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