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Photo: Tim Walker

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The Art of Craftsmanship: a project by Tim Walker

The Italian Lifestyle and craftsmanship. These are the values that a brand like Tod’s has transposed onto its objects since the 1970s.

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A traveling exhibit

Tod’s pays homage to craftsmanship, to Italian savoir-faire, with a project and an exhibition that are traveling the world and that stem from the collaboration with a fashion photographer of the caliber of Tim Walker. We are talking about The Art of Craftsmanship, A project by Tim Walker: a gallery of photos depicting, with a hint of irony and great imagination, the manufacturing process of Tod’s iconic products.

The importance of details

This project wishes to speak of the evolution of objects through the tools used to manufacture them and the skilled hands that shape and assemble the different materials together, to highlight the fact that the most valuable asset and what really makes a difference in the creation process of objects such as the iconic Di Bag and Gommino is craftsmanship itself.

Same attention to eyewear

These are the values on which the collaboration between Marcolin and Tod’s is built, a collaboration that today gives life to a new collection made instantly recognizable by its unique elements, such as the unmistakable leather braid on the temples or the metal chain detail inspired by the exclusive Kate collection. Signature details that don’t go unnoticed, reflecting a contemporary vision of Italian excellence.

Image storytelling

To do this, the vision of Tim Walker was crucial, a man who can turn a setting into a dream full of magic, while always staying true to Irving Penn’s famous motto: “I always thought we were selling dreams, not clothes”. On the setting, Walker thus plays with the double meaning of the objects crafted and of the tools used during the key manufacturing phases: leather cutting, sewing, brushing. A celebration of the Italian lifestyle and craftsmanship quality – key values for Tod’s – using an ironic and free-spirited language.

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