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The New MCM Collection

Just entered the Marcolin portfolio, MCM debuts with a new eyewear collection.

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A Happy Encounter

As a precious new addition to the Marcolin portfolio, MCM – the luxury travel leather goods and apparel brand established in Munich in 1976 (MCM stands for Modern Creation München) – makes its debut with a new, much-awaited eyewear collection. A range of optical frames and sunglasses that blend together the creativity of the German brand, loved by millennials for its bags, backpacks – which have become a symbol of the brand’s history – and leather accessories characterized by the celebrated monogram, with the technical and innovative heritage that has made the Longarone company recognized globally. The result? A glamorous, casual and versatile eyewear line perfect for travel and city wear and designed for creative minds, nomads and mavericks.


The first MCM Eyewear collection comprises a line of metal and acetate frames that speak a genderless universal language, characterized by a contemporary and functional design, colorful silhouettes and futuristic lines. The perfect choice for digital natives, the brand’s greatest fans who, in terms of apparel and accessories, prefer functional and, most importantly, gender-neutral layered looks.

„The first MCM Eyewear collection speak a genderless universal language“


The frames from the new collection produced by Marcolin feature iconic elements inspired by the world of travel leather goods. Turning into distinctive details, such as metal pins and angular inserts, these elements blend together with a new take on the brand’s signature logos to add the typical ironic and effortless touch of streetwear to these luxury frames: another way to redefine the travel theme according to the vision of digital natives. Available in over 650 MCM stores located in 39 countries, mostly in Asia, the collection will hit optician stores starting October 2024.