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Eyewear for the festive season

Around the world 3 DAYS IN In the snow of the Dolomites

Where to go and what to do in the Dolomites this time of year?

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Around the world 3 DAYS IN A journey into taste with Chef Akrame Benallal

In the heart of Paris we met the award-winning chef Akrame who, at the inauguration of the new Marcolin showroom, successfully proposed an exciting journey into taste full of surprises

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Around the world 3 DAYS IN Three frames for three fall destinations

In the heart of autumn, three outdoor destinations for a full immersion in the colors and beauty of this season.

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Around the world 3 days in Lenses for travelling

In a hot air balloon, aboard one of the oldest railway lines, recently restored, or surfing the highest waves at Oceania’s most iconic beach. Three experiences inside and outside Europe’s borders, to be enjoyed in style, accompanied by special lenses ideal for travelling, the result of Marcolin expertise.

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