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Marcolin Talk

Visions. A new show makes its debut at Marcolin showroom in Milan.

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What values today guide our path to the future? What are the cultural, economic and social perspectives? To answer these and other topical questions, looking into tomorrow and touching on topics such as training, the society, labor and economy, Marcolin invited three opinion leaders at its Milan showroom on October 19. What for? To have a chat with a small group of journalists, customers and partners. Marcolin Talks thus made its debut wishing to give food – in Italy and abroad – for thought and an opportunity to talk with authoritative speakers about innovation and Made in Italy excellence. This first run is titled Visions.

Three illustrious guests

To guide the first meeting come the “visions” of three big names in the world of business and communication: Stefania Lazzaroni, General Manager of the Altagamma Foundation, which brings together 114 Made in Italy brands; Federico Garcea, CEO & Founder of Treedom, an e-commerce platform founded in 2010 to offset carbon emissions by planting trees all over the world; Francesco Oggiano, a journalist and content writer for the Will Media community. Three illustrious guests who, after introducing themselves, immediately delved into what awaits us. And, more importantly, how to get there.

The world of luxury and Made in Italy

«In the fashion and luxury industry, the future speaks a language of sustainable innovation, of course. It’s not a slogan but a global challenge, that our country can also combine with beauty. This is possible thanks to its ecosystem comprising small and medium enterprises and an unparalleled craftsmanship that can’t be replicated elsewhere. In the meantime, it is important to invest in youth training and continuing professional development» said Stefania Lazzaroni, also touching on the need to combat counterfeits, which plague the industry.

The future is, of course, green

Green spirit

According to Federico Garcea – who with his startup since 2010 has planted almost 4 million trees in 17 countries across the world (15,000 of which comprise the “Marcolin Forest”, thanks to the collaboration started in 2021 between Treedom and Marcolin) – the future is, of course, green. «Just 1 business out of 10 doesn’t consider sustainability and for this reason it is destined to close. The others are working on reducing and compensating emissions by planting trees. Rather than greenwashing, it’s a commitment for everybody that goes well beyond business: it looks straight into the future».

Information tomorrow

And in the coming years such commitment will also look to information, of course, which today is facing the challenge of artificial intelligence. «Change started in 2019, then the lockdown and stay-at-home policies did the rest. So the challenge today is to be able to use all the existing tools while maintaining quality and rigor» journalist Francesco Oggiano remarked. «And if it’s true that in a few years’ time we will be reading totally synthetic news and articles, written using artificial intelligence, media professionals will in any case be responsible for providing a starting point and an analysis».