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Photo: Courtesy of Barton Perreira

Behind the scenes

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Summer in your shades

Following the rhythm of the colour wheel that, like the Plough in the sky, recalls the idea of movement, we observed the transition from the cold season to the warm one together with Silvia De Col, Colour & Material Coordinator at our Longarone headquarters.

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The colour wheel that dominates the Style Department in Longarone brings to mind the ancient native American Medicine wheel.

If the map of the Universe of these peoples is still today structured with elements that contribute to the essential changes in life and in nature, where every colour has its own meaning and speaks of the Great Spirit that regulates the world, at the Marcolin colour wheel there is a great team of creatives and colour and material specialists. Silvia De Col is in charge of this curious and inspirational chapter in the story of how the eyewear colour palette changes from winter to summer. Since the very beginning, it appears clear that colours speak their own language and that it takes skill to channel them towards effective interplays of light and shadow.

Brighten up the tones.

«For this colour and material analysis we used as reference some combinations featured by one of our brands for fall-winter, whose colours and material finishes evoke the winter season. Our goal was to brighten up these tones without denaturing the brand’s signature palette» says De Col. «We also wanted to maintain a common thread running through the two seasons» she continues. «So, we worked with the colour wheel and turned on the light» she adds passionately. «We managed to brighten up the colours and the typical wintery shading, while maintaining the colour combinations by adding white». But to convey those emotional vibes that turn the warm season into the season of love, the team also focused on a colour trend analysis.
Three macro-themes were created. «The first one expresses itself through natural tones, such as brown and Havana. The second one features pastel and dusty hues, which clearly recall powder tones, like make-up. The third trend instead expresses itself through pop nuances» remarks Silvia.

Unmistakable summer vibes.

«We combined these three worlds together, leveraging on unique interplays of light that brighten up the hues. The colour Havana, for example, is more neutral and toned down in its winter version than in its summer one, which instead is enriched with tones of mint. This shade of green, according to our trend analyses, is perceived as more joyful and better suited for the summer season».
This method was used for all the colours and materials featured in the collections, because playing with transparency or design in general, combined with a colour palette, is not just a question of style. The secret lies in finding combinations that highlight the type of design you wish to enhance.

  • Visions of Barton Perreira

    In 2019 Marcolin Group entered into a limited distribution agreement with one of the most prestigious and innovative eyewear brands. Barton Perreira stands out as an exceptional and distinctive independent brand in the eyewear industry. The brand's Co-Founder and CEO, Bill Barton, is dedicated to producing handmade eyewear of the utmost quality. Meanwhile, Co-Founder and designer Patty Perreira brings her unwavering commitment to design excellence, resulting in the creation of some of the most beautiful eyewear designs worldwide. With this powerful partnership in mind, we present three inquiries to this dynamic American duo regarding their creative process and manufacturing practices.

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  • Behind the scenes 3 days in Marcolin in Stockholm

    In the City Hall, as a sign of rebirth, where myth blends together with folklore in the celebration and worship of the summer solstice, of trees and female deities, Max Mara presented the Resort 24 collection, whose lines and patterns clearly nod to the Scandinavian land. Marcolin flew to Stockholm to see the city’s spirit through the eyes of one of its many talents, Lisa Olsson, a big devotee of the Max Mara brand.

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  • Tell me a story About Timberland and the Earthkeepers®

    It's World Environment Day! Every year on 5 June, since 1974, in a crescendo, the ever-growing and increasingly cohesive international community has focused on a different issue each time: the 2023 edition, hosted in Côte d'Ivoire, concentrates on the burning issue of environmental pollution and reminds us how crucial the actions of individuals are in combating the use of plastic in everyday life. The slogan chosen to accompany the campaign is already going viral: #Beatplasticpollution. Marcolin is also joining in with this slogan and actions geared towards a concrete commitment to environmental protection, shining a spotlight on one of its top brands, among the most innovative in the business.

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