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Photo: Federico Vecchio

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Marcolin at ApritiModa

The Longarone headquarters successfully opened its doors to the public

di Newsroom

A growing event

Twenty-thousand visitors for 100 laboratories, companies, manufacturers and ateliers located across the country. These are the figures for ApritiModa, an event that, now at its seventh run, was held last weekend, between October 21-22. Created by journalist Cinzia Sasso and sponsored by the Ministry for Business and Made in Italy, the Town of Milan, Fai Fondo per l’Ambiente Italiano and the Altagamma Foundation, Apriti Moda is an event that, since 2017, has offered the audience a sneak peek of the behind-the-scenes of the world of Italian fashion and luxury. A world that is usually reserved to insiders only. Marcolin, for the third year in a row, participated in the initiative by welcoming visitors at its Longarone headquarters.


«opening the doors also means transferring the craftsmanship behind a product»

Marcolin’s point of view

«Three years ago, when we have been invited to attend ApritiModa, we joined with enthusiasm and today the idea of opening the doors to the public continues to excite us. Glasses are thought to be simple, easy products, but this is not the case» said Sabrina Paulon, Marcolin Group HR Director. «A frame, instead, is the result of a long process that includes 50 to 67 phases, and opening the doors also means transferring the craftsmanship behind a product. Some manufacturing steps have been automated but the savoir faire and experience still matter a lot for us. The human value at Marcolin is crucial». About fifty visitors, including students, curious viewers and enthusiasts, had the chance to step into the Design and Style department, a place that is at the heart of Marcolin’s creativity, where every new frame is conceived from the very beginning; they had the opportunity to personally touch the materials in the lab where prototypes are made and to see firsthand a part of the eyewear manufacturing and finishing process.


A path worth learning more about

Manufacturing steps that, from the design to the final product phase, require 18 to 24 months of work. Combining tradition with innovation is key, without forgetting the indications provided by the designers of the fashion brand whose frame are being created. «Every frame is a unique, one-of-a-kind piece, so nothing is left to chance» concluded Sabrina Paulon. Before hitting the market, every frame manufactured daily at Marcolin must undergo rigorous quality controls and gain official certification. That’s something to remember every time you wear your glasses.