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New leaderships

Tell me a story about Pink Ribbon

A pink touch for the new capsule collection by Guess Eyewear and Marcolin in support of women’s health.

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Tell me a story about A journey that starts with an idea

There are aspects destined to remain invisible in any object’s production cycle. But these are also the ones that leave the greatest mark. To find out what they are, we headed into Marcolin’s product style department.

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Tell me a story about Back to work

When does the year really start? In September. When, recharged during the summer break and still tanned, but with a very busy schedule, you go back to work. It’s the perfect time to look at your wardrobe and rethink your work, meeting or travel outfits, from blazers to pants, from suits to accessories. Including – why not? – your spectacles. An accessory that is a true styling detail that – worn every day – becomes part of your identity. But also an accessory that – and this is the beauty of life – every year renews and reinvents itself. Here are three looks for three different styles.

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Tell me a story About Frames and Storylines

Sunshine and favourable weather are ideal conditions for idleness to become an opportunity for regeneration. In a kind of game and experimentation, we have selected and matched eyewear and books, to take with you wherever you can lose yourself in the realm of imagination.

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