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Tell me a story About Iconic 1980s

While it is true that every era has its own style, it is equally true that it is taste and inclinations that define its identity. The 1980s were the decade in which, in the eyes of the world, Italy went from being recognised as the ‘Bel Paese’ to the cradle of an industrious and organised system of excellence that decreed the success of an all-Italian heritage.

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Tell me a story About The eclectic 1970s

The 1970s were all about those major themes that accompanied the tumultuous transition to the contemporary world we know. A transitional era full of contradictions, whose influences on taste have permeated the spaces and objects of our everyday life in various ways. Eyewear included.

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Tell me a story About The Great Cosmic Mother

Of all the stories offered up by legend, that of the Great Mother spans the five continents. In Stockholm, the first retrospective on Monica Sjöö, a Swedish artist, eco-feminist and activist, offers insights into hot topics from yesterday as well as today: from the struggle for equal rights to the history of feminism and ecology, via legend and spirituality.

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Tell me a story About The 1960s

In 1960, three Hollywood stars gathered in Reno, Nevada, to shoot a film that Time Out would define as a superb anti western. Photographic cooperative Magnum realized how exceptional the event was and sent 9 of its most talented photographers to document the film’s behind-the-scenes. Today, an exhibition curated by Forte di Bard and Andrea Holzherr for Magnum Photos Paris shows the set backstage images of a movie that has made history, The Misfits, where Marilyn Monroe’s allure is captured forever: a style icon and a symbol of an era that still inspires us today.

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