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Photo: Vincenzo Cornacchione

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Marcolin a Stoccolma

Nel Municipio della città, nel segno della rinascita, in cui mito e folklore si fondono nelle celebrazioni di culti quali il Solstizio d’estate, degli alberi e del divino femminile, Max Mara ha presentato la sua collezione Resort 24, le cui linee e fantasie fanno da forte richiamo alla terra scandinava.

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In the capital city of Sweden, stretching along the eastern coast with a scenic landscape that is iconically dotted with 14 islands and over 50 bridges connecting them, the horizon seems to dissolve, its thin line blurring, bridging the waters of Lake Mälaren with the calm ones of the Baltic Sea.

In these North European locations, the month of June perfectly embodies the metamorphosis of the calendar of the “soul”, strictly connected with the awakening of nature. In Stockholm, the dark and long winter months give way to a bright picturesque landscape, which unwaveringly sheds its light onto every corner of the city. Oblivious to the night, its gentle touch caresses a landscape that conveys femininity, starting with the element that enlivens it the most: water. In the City Hall, as a sign of rebirth, where myth blends together with folklore in the celebration and worship of the summer solstice, of trees and female deities, Max Mara presented the Resort 24 collection, whose lines and patterns clearly nod to the Scandinavian land.

Marcolin flew to Stockholm to see the city’s spirit through the eyes of one of its many talents, Lisa Olsson, a big devotee of the Max Mara brand.

The meeting with Lisa, Founder and Jewellery Designer of Nootka, takes place in her boutique, located in the vibrant Norrmalm district, among the neoclassical buildings of an area that is dotted with cafés and Swedish design and fashion corner stores. Nature, an essential element for any city resident, takes the form of the Kungsträdgården Park, with its lush trees and pathways winding through an enchanted fairytale-like landscape. As soon as you step into her atelier, the bright June sunlight becomes one with the shade of coral that dominates the walls and the overall atmosphere of the place. «I longed for the warmth of summer all year long. This color was the best choice», Lisa points out, and then starts telling us her adventure as a designer from the very beginning. «I was born in Malmö but I’ve lived in Stockholm for about nine years now».

I love the fact that it’s a big city with a sustainable approach: you can walk or ride a bike anywhere. Then there’s the water element that makes it unique.

The designer’s love for the capital city also resonates through her words.

«I love the fact that it’s a big city with a sustainable approach: you can walk or ride a bike anywhere. Then there’s the water element that makes it unique». Lisa, like any Swede, celebrates summer in the outdoors. «The long months of darkness push us to celebrate the summer season in the parks. Any time is a good time to slow down and enjoy the sunlight» she adds, «the islands are another unique element of the capital city, from which you can admire epic scenery at a short distance from the city». Living in harmony with nature is a recurring theme in Lisa’s words. This concept also takes shape in her jewelry creations, where she gives a new life to silver, the only element used by her brand. «Every piece is handcrafted and produced in Stockholm» she says. She relies on the most skilled artisans in town, who are selected for each and every collection. Hers is an identity that is just as feminine as it is rigorously Made in Sweden. It reveals itself in the classic elegance of a little museum, one of her favorite in town, where she takes us to admire its geometries and magnificent location.

The Carl Eldh Museum has turned the atelier of the greatest Swedish sculptor of the 20th century into a meeting place for passionate enthusiasts of hidden wonders.

«I like it because it is small and because it combines art with nature». Her enthusiasm for Swedish traditions does not only engage sight, but also taste. So, as she moves along the tree-lined boulevards downtown, the sun shedding its light onto her cat-eye sunglasses, walking towards one of her favorite cafés – Pascal Caffè, that she guarantees is the best place to enjoy the Swedish custom of Fika in Stockholm – clad in her total black silhouette, for a moment she gives the illusion of being in Paris. But that’s another story.

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