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Frames and Storylines

Sunshine and favourable weather are ideal conditions for idleness to become an opportunity for regeneration. In a kind of game and experimentation, we have selected and matched eyewear and books, to take with you wherever you can lose yourself in the realm of imagination.

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Craftsmanship as a point of view

To define the craftsmanship of a pair of glasses from a literary point of view, we could use the narrative point of view as a term of comparison since, depending on the angle from which one chooses to tell a story, this captures different cues and emotions from the subject of the storyline. A company like Marcolin is measured by the meticulousness and care of its production: the quality of the materials, the creativity of the design and the manufacturing expertise speak of a dedication to its uniqueness. This dedication mirrors the stories selected. Each book is a miniature collection of stories linked by a point of view that has the construction or discovery of strong, authentic characters at its heart: beyond the glitz and the glory, like the protagonists of the stories in Vite minuscole [Small Lives] by Pierre Michon, a classic from the 1980s, which launched a first-time author into the literary fold by virtue of the power of his language. The need to meet one’s destiny is echoed by Francesca D’Aloja’s Spiriti [Spirits], not as phantasmagorical entities but as enlightened people committed to being fully themselves. Adding historical context to a novel with a compelling narrative structure are the four different points of view that unravel through the pages of Trust by Hernan Diaz. Discovering the face of a woman who has remained in the shadows of history is their mission.

The style of a pair of glasses conveys the personality of the wearer. Defining its tone and calibrating its timbre is, likewise, the purpose of a narrative voice.

The power of the narrative voice

The style of a pair of glasses conveys the personality of the wearer. Defining its tone and calibrating its timbre is, likewise, the purpose of a narrative voice. What defines the style of a Marcolin collection with a distinct contemporary twist? That ability to dose practicality and uniqueness by refining a detail, which, like the narrative voice of the protagonist of a story, can precisely convey the coordinates of a storyline or a feeling. For this reason, our selection has given voice to poets. First and foremost, to that of Antonia Pozzi, as a sculptor of the soul, who expresses her deepest voice with the delicacy of a young bird on its first flight in her collection of love poems entitled Poesie d’amore. And if you are eager to tune in to the tones and vibrations of someone who has long sought the deep voice of the narrator’s self not only between the pages of her stories, but also travelling through Europe in search of a writer who voluntarily eclipsed herself from the world, Nome in codice: Elitar I. Sulle tracce di Milan Kundera [Code Name Elitar I. In the Footsteps of Milan Kundera] by well-known French journalist Ariane Chemin will take you on a journey through a nostalgic Europe full of fervour. If you want to bet on a letter, as the gambler does on the colour, then there is Kappa: volume 6 is dedicated to Magic, in its different meanings.

Post scriptum

For sailors about to set sail or simply ready to relax the pace to fully enjoy the beginning of August. There is no journey without movement. Whether it is a motion of the heart, an inspiration or a carefree wander through towns and cities, familiar or unfamiliar places, the combination in question brings together the daring. The colours that of the eyewear, in Marcolin’s collections are its outfit. And in these capacities, we offer two readings: Come ti vesti [How You Dress] by Andrea Batilla, and A Manchester con gli Smith, un walkabout musicale, [In Manchester with the Smiths, A Musical Walkabout] by Giuseppina Borghese, because every outfit you wear needs a soundtrack to accompany it.

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    If we were looking for a simple definition, a dictionary would suffice to discover that prototyping is that stage of the industrial process in which a product prototype is created, and that, by extension, it refers to the company department dedicated to its creation. To gain access to the world that lies behind simple definitions, we visited the Longarone headquarters of the Marcolin Group to find out more.

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