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Regina Marques

Visions of Loreen Hinz

Born in East Germany few years before the fall of the wall, Loreen Hinz is one of the most requested and awarded artists and fashion and beauty photographers. We meet her in Leipzig, where she lives and works, during her last collaboration on a new project for Marcolin.

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Visions of Alessandro Borghese

Born in San Francisco, Roman by education and citizen of the world by culture: we meet Chef Alessandro Borghese in New York, where he took care of the catering and cocktails for the inauguration of the new Marcolin showroom.

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Visions of Francesca Valan

Francesca Valan, a world-famous color designer and a Professor at the Politecnico University in Milan, has worked a lot on the color-eyewear relationship throughout her career. She’s the right person to ask about the latest trends.

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Visions of Stefania Lazzaroni

Stefania Lazzaroni, General Manager and CEO of Altagamma, is the right person to ask for a forecast of the future.

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