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Fuoriconcorso 2024

Tell me a story About Italian passion 

Passion and culture of beauty is the common thread that binds Marcolin to FuoriConcorso, the event that gathers automotive culture enthusiasts every year during the weekend at Villa d'Este in Cernobbio, in the unique scenario of Como Lake.

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Tell me a story 3 days in Marcolin in Sorrento

Together with Milanpyramid we explore Sorrento, the final stretch of Campania overlooking the Gulf of Naples.

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Tell me a story About Maria Frida

Telling the story of a collector’s item means entering into the world that inspired it. Objects that could feature in a hypothetical Marcolin hall of fame would include her, Maria Frida, a creation designed and produced for an Italian brand with a marked pop and evocative component - GCDS, the acronym standing for Giuliano Calza Design Studio - which encapsulates the power of the three Ws, not as ethereal references to virtuality, but as a creative act expressed according to characters of singularity. Maria Frida is all of this: weird, wild, wonderful.

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Tell me a story About Marcolin and Timberland Forest

Our concrete commitment in terms of global participation and focus on safeguarding the planet.

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