We want to go beyond.

60 years of a history that reminds us of our amazing know-how, our ability to grow, reinvent ourselves and represent the essence of each brand at best. This heritage is continuously fuelled by a passion for people, for innovation and for challenges against conventions. And this is what we want to continue to invest on.


Every business activity must be linear and effective, always oriented towards creating concretely measurable values.

Openness towards change

Listening to and perceiving the signs of change coming from outside, and proactively adapting human capital and business processes to the new and changing needs of the eyewear market.


Learning from mistakes and directing the ideas and active contribution of our people to satisfying customer needs.


Supporting and developing our social responsibility through a respect for cultural diversity, the enhancement of our people and the support of the communities in which we operate.


Aiming at the excellence of skills and knowledge to empower our sense of belonging and of being part of team.

People at the core.

This is the place where to create authentic relationships with colleagues, even beyond any geographical border. We expect everyone to be able to infect others with their uniqueness, competence and creativity. This is why Marcolin gives back a strong and healthy community to their people in which they can express themselves freely

Compensation Package


Health Plan


Career paths

Working environment

Making the difference.

Our products reach millions of customers worldwide thanks to the incredible work of the people in our Group, able to bring a concrete value to what we do. In Marcolin, each of us makes the difference. Take a look at our open positions and find out how to become part of our world.


Location: Italy


Operatori addetti alla produzione
Stabilimento Fortogna / Longarone


Operatori specializzati macchine CNC
Stabilimento Fortogna (Belluno)

Technical Development & Product Compliance

Junior Project Manager (Technical Dept.)
Longarone (Belluno), Italia


Junior IT - Network and Security Specialist
Longarone (Belluno), Italia

Global Channels & Sales Operations Support

Junior Sales Operations Specialist
Longarone (Belluno), Italia

Human Resources

HR Learning & Development Manager
Longarone (Belluno), Italia

Finance, Administration & Controlling

Stage Treasury Department
Longarone (Belluno), Italia

Operations & Supply Chain

Manutentore Elettrico
Longarone (Belluno), Italia

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