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Listening to the desires and needs of our partners is the starting point of our journey with them.

We devote our resources to each and every one of them to build strong and trust-based long-term relationships.Growing together is an opportunity to see the future with new eyes and in a brighter perspective. Our teams’ unique and personal customer-oriented approach characterizes our advisory activities, turning every relationship into a business relationship aimed at constant and overall growth. Being the best possible partner in the eyewear industry is the vision that guides us in enhancing our services and offers, building solutions around the requests and needs of our customers, who are, for Marcolin, valuable and unique travel companions.

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Marcolin’s Buying Days are an opportunity to define business strategies, perspectives and relationships together with our top partners.They include different sessions, days and specific appointments where our team leaders present a preview of our collections, sharing suggestions and finalizing agreements in a simple but effective way. Welcoming private areas and naturally lit spaces to best showcase our frames: every year, these are the elements that characterize the venue that we choose for our Buying Days, always preferring destinations where our customers can mix business with pleasure during their stay.Marcolin’s Buying Days are an immersive experience where customers can enjoy and order our collections but also a unique and compelling opportunity to get together and strengthen our relationships with each and every partner.

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The online store MY MARCOLIN is a digital space designed for and dedicated to our customers, where they can find real-time solutions to their business needs. A simple and user-friendly tool that enables customers to manage their purchases in an independent, quick and effective way.A digital content and assets library that is always available and accessible and that is designed to support the communications and sale of the products of every brand in our portfolio.

The online store comprises two macro-sections:

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Authorized customers can manage the purchase of our products in an independent, quick and effective way.

Here you can find a variety of digital content and assets that are directly accessible to authorized customers. A customizable guided service that aims to support the promotion and sale of the products of your brand/portfolio by requesting dedicated materials for your business and specific needs.

MORE: Less rules, more flexibility

Going beyond and offering more: simplicity, cost-effectiveness and reliability.
As part of a joint business plan developed together with our customers, MORE is a place where the manufacturer and its customers meet.
An innovative purchase management and supply planning platform created to improve business sustainably, boost sales, offer the right mix of best-selling and new items as a priority, ensure timely automated restocking.
A secure and cutting-edge data monitoring and analysis process that allows us to optimize the business and meet the needs of retailers in a customized way. Thanks to an accurate dedicated assessment by our sales experts, such information is then translated into a practical product restocking service, improving their business with suggestions and projections aimed at boosting sales and optimizing stock.

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    •Boosting Sell Out
    •Providing high-performance styles based on the agreed-upon selection
    •More availability


    •Automated orders
    •Order shipping as a priority
    •Reducing the workload


    •Direct support from a More specialized advisor
    •Preparing a joint growth plan
    •More preferential assistance


    •Flexibility in choosing styles
    •Reducing the working capital
    •Reducing lead time


Marcolin participates in the most prestigious international fairs in the sector, contributing to the prosperity of the global eyewear industry and of the duty free and travel retail market. We present the latest trends and our new products at these key events, while strengthening our customer relationships and creating new opportunities.We have always paid special attention to well-defined local scenarios and we promote events and meetings to meet the needs of our customers and partners operating in specific markets.

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