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People who join Marcolin choose to make a difference.

The company’s story and life are all about people. Each of us brings, to the company and our community, their own skills and ability to improve and reinvent themselves. This heritage is constantly fueled by our shared passion for innovating and challenging convention. Being a part of Marcolin means to invest your talent and value in order to grow together, by building authentic relationships and creating skills, creativity and vision enrichment opportunities.Joining Marcolin means to direct your personal and professional life toward the future. It means to participate in change and in the creation of new approaches and standpoints, while being flexible at work and choosing the areas where you wish to unleash and develop your potential and succeed.

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Openness to change

Marcolin is a leading global eyewear manufacturer. It is a Group whose products reach millions of customers on a daily basis thanks to the incredible work of its people.

At Marcolin, we work in a straightforward, simple and effective way, focusing every activity on the creation of effectively measurable values. We pay great attention and are open to change in the market, technology or social culture, so we can responsibly and proactively adjust our business processes and resources.

Skills and continuous learning

The reliability of our work and partnerships results from the experience and expertise of all the people who work inside the company. Aiming for excellence in terms of skills and knowledge strengthens our sense of community and identity.

Building a strong and structured network of relationships based on trust and on our individual skills is key to best representing the essential values of every single brand that we work with.
To favor development and growth in our team and in the workplace, Marcolin constantly offers a multitude of resources and training opportunities to our current and future community.