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Point trajectory

Marcolin moves along its line of action toward a more sustainable future. But it’s not a static line; it’s dynamic, fluid.
The starting point is key: a culture of responsibility. From here, we guide our thoughts and efforts in a clear direction: meeting the needs of our society and planet without compromising the future of the next generations.
At Marcolin we believe in the power of people and in constantly improving our manufacturing processes, working together to ensure that sustainable practices are implemented across all the production and distribution phases.
It all comes together to trace a shared path towards real development.

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We strive to maintain a balance between product quality, customer satisfaction and environmental protection, through constant research and sustainable practices implemented across the entire production and distribution chain.

Specifically, we implemented the following:

- A path to sustainability in line with ESG standards (since 2021). Actions focus on various issues, including carbon emissions reduction and the circular economy.

- A path for assessing the organization’s environmental performance based on a Life Cycle Assessment approach (in compliance with ISO standards 14064 / 14067). This will enable us to quantify the impacts along the entire value chain, thereby improving the awareness and commitment of all the players involved.

- Reduction of fossil-based materials and research and use of innovative plastic materials. The latter include bio-based acetate, which is employed in a number of collections for some of our key Brands. For injection-molded eyewear, instead, R-PET plastic (Recycled PET) is used. We pay great attention to innovative materials not only to our frames but also for the eco-design of our cases, packaging and, most of all, lenses - such as our cutting-edge bio-based green lenses - which are third-party certified.

- Constant improvement of our environmental performance, which will further and gradually reduce the carbon footprint of our manufacturing facilities, offices, warehouses, and showrooms, as well as of our business, services, products and logistic flows, by optimizing heat insulation, introducing compressor remote controls, reducing energy dispersion and implementing low-impact technology, such as LED lighting.


As a company, Marcolin firmly believes in the value of people.
This vision takes form through a series of projects, each one representing a point on our line, which extends in the direction of well-being and inclusivity:

- Corporate Welfare Policies, that support work-life balance and parenthood by strengthening remote working, flexible scheduling management tools and by introducing job sharing.

- Diversity & Inclusion Policy, that favors inclusion, highlights the importance of diversity as an added value and promotes gender equality. Women today account for 57% of our employees, 43% of whom are senior managers.

- Focus on continuous learning with the Marcolin Academy project, a hub designed to enhance the company’s talents. It is divided into two programs: on the one side, the Leadership Academy, dedicated to future managers and conceived as an accelerator of the convergence of individual and corporate goals; on the other side, the Manufacturing Academy, focused on technical skills development for key manufacturing roles.

- A workplace counseling service launched in 2023 and available 24/7 that provides psychological support to employees, while allowing them to remain anonymous and respecting their privacy.


There is an open line that extends across the entire supply chain, from employees to customers.
Each and every individual, whether a partner, a supplier or a consumer, plays a key role in weaving the storyline of sustainable development.

To ensure that our suppliers meet environmental protection, transparency and workplace safety standards, in January 2021 we introduced, for the first time, a Supplier Code of Conduct, in line with our corporate Code of Ethics. Complying with such Code is a prerequisite for working with the Group. Through our Code of Ethics and Supplier Code of Conduct, we spread and share our values along the entire supply chain.

This practically entails including ESG elements into the supplier qualification phase:

- A specific monitoring program, i.e. the “Marcolin Suppliers CSR Monitoring Plan”, enables us to assess suppliers’ compliance with the ESG standards of licensees/Key Accounts.

- The starting point is traceability, which is key to integrating the supply chain into our ESG path. Based on traceability, we are working on constantly improving data collection and management systems, an essential approach to accurately assess and analyze the impacts associated with our business, products and services.