Why choose Marcolin

Why choose Marcolin

Our philosophy

Marcolin is a worlwide leading company in the eyewear industry: numerous prestigious brands have chosen it to establish long-term partnerships and licensing agreements for the creation of designer sunglasses and optical frames. Thanks to a precious craftsmanship heritage combined with advanced technology and the constant pursuit of excellence and continuous innovation, the company boasts an important worldwide presence.

In addition to the very high quality of the products, what makes Marcolin stand out are the values that shape the company's operating methods, every day and in every situation. These values, as well as the search for a continuous growth through experimentation, make Marcolin the perfect company for those brands that strive towards making a difference in today's market.

  1. Simplicity

    to achieve important results through a swift and immediate corporate approach.

    Always one of the strengths of Marcolin Group, the simplification of actions and processes leads to the elimination of valueless, dispersive and useless activities. Marcolin Group works and confronts itself in a direct and pragmatic way: by this, communication becomes immediate, objectives are clearly defined, and time and resources are used at best. Thus, we work collaborating, listening and sharing knowledge and information, without any prejudice or stereotype.
To face every request it is essential to have the action-oriented approach that characterises all Marcolin Group employees, even when it comes to developing problem-solving strategies and tackling challenging situations

  2. Openness towards change

    to live the future by supporting new ideas and creative approaches.

    In Marcolin Group there is no single model of action: it is important to enhance a mentality that is open to the outside world and to the needs of others, stimulating the reception of input and feedback by the entire team. Being ready to change means continuously producing new assets and skills, apt to differentiate the company on the market.

  3. Concreteness

    to define goals and make decisions as effectively as possible.

    It is essential to establish the results to be achieved and the operating methods in a reasoned manner, to manage the time at best and always respecting commitments and deadlines. For this purpose, a proactive modus operandi is also favoured with respect to problems that become an opportunity to identify solutions in a proactive way.
    Dialogue with one's own team favours the achievement of the objectives: therefore, there are frequent moments of listening and motivation, both in positive and in respect to a reflection on errors. In general, what guides the work of the Marcolin Group employees is the continuous search for customer satisfaction that is also essential for the personal growth of each one.

  4. Responsibility

    to respect personal and cultural diversity and individual value.

    We support and develop our Corporate Social Responsibility by distinctly refusing any kind of discrimination, enhancing resources and supporting the local context in which we operate through the implementation of actions that favour its development.

    Responsibility plays an important role in the reality of the company as well. This value encourages us to promote the growth of every individual employee, with the perspective of making each person responsible and involved in the results that are achieved.

  5. Identity

    to be stronger in achieving our goals.

    The strong identity of Marcolin Group stems from the pursuit of an absolute excellence in skills that is created by involving all resources actively, so they develop a strong sense of belonging and the desire to achieve great goals together.

    Communicating the successes and goals achieved, both within and outside the company, is one of the elements that allows us to maintain a strong group identity. 

    We work by holding onto those values that characterise us and every day, with our work, we make them real and tangible within the company.

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