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8 March: Marcolin earns the Gender Equality Certification

The significant acknowledgment, which was achieved after a challenging journey lasting a few years to promoting new inclusive initiatives. Let’s go through them.

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Concrete solutions

Work-from-home and tools for flexible working time management, introduction of a session dedicated to women’s leadership within the Leadership Academy, a pathway for future managers, support for the psychological aspect for all the employees with focus groups dedicated to new mothers, conclusion of agreements with daycare centers. These are only some of the concrete initiatives, the ones that women really need, allowing Marcolin to earn the gender equality certification. An important acknowledgment, issued by the certification bodies accredited with Accredia, achieved after a challenging journey lasting a few years in favour of new inclusive and corporate welfare policies. And conducted based on specific indicators related to six assessment areas that characterize an inclusive and gender-responsive organization: culture and strategy, governance, Human Resources processes, opportunities for the growth and inclusion of women in the company, equal pay for both genders, parenting support and work-life balance.

More women at the top

“Our journey starts from afar, where diversity, equity and inclusion are considered strategic levers for business development and the promotion of an equitable and gender-friendly culture” said Sabrina Paulon, Marcolin Group HR Director. Because today women need not only solutions that allow them to better reconcile life and work, children and professional commitments, but also real opportunities for space, visibility and career. The same as their male colleagues. A topic that has been particularly close to the heart of this Company for many years given that, according to October 2023 data, that 62% of Marcolin’s people are women, of whom 40% occupy managerial positions and 50% have executive roles.

“diversity, equity and inclusion are considered strategic levers for business development”

See you in 2025

This acknowledgment (valid for three years and subject to annual monitoring) should not be considered a point of arrival, nor should it slow down the path undertaken so far. For this reason, the certifying body, during its assessment, also considered Marcolin Group’s establishment of a wide and strategic plan covering the period from now to 2025. A structured plan, including training sessions on the topic, new supports for parenting and work-life balance together with initiatives to promote fairness in selection processes and career development. And which is just waiting to be carried forward with commitment to achieve an ambitious and important objective, especially in our country: achieving a full gender equality.


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