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A new service

Marcolin introduces a new workplace counseling service for its employees in Italy

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Workers or balancers?

Maintaining a good work-life balance; constantly facing change and challenges on both fronts; establishing positive relationships with colleagues and superiors. These are all regular topics in every worker’s daily life but, over the past few years, they have also become a source of great stress.  Because something has changed. We talked about it a few days ago during the World Mental Health Day: in Italy, just like in the United States and in other European countries, workers have been experiencing a sense of discomfort. Why is that? Because the stress levels are too high.


Some figures

According to the latest data, 56% of Italians are under stress, an 8% increase versus last year (source: the International Workforce and Wellbeing Mindset Study and the Axa-Ipsos Survey). A pretty significant number if you consider that almost 80% of them think that their general well-being is strongly connected with workplace well-being. On the other hand, 92% of workers, including both men and women, deem it important that companies actively take care of employee psychological well-being. In light of all this, Marcolin decided to embrace the good practices implemented by some international companies and introduced a workplace counseling service for all its employees in Italy.

The new counseling service

The service, supported by Odm Consulting (a consulting company specialized in human resources management and enhancement) and in partnership with the Sygmund platform (run by an Institute registered with the National Health Service and supervised by the National Register of Psychologists), is available 24/7 (seven days a week) to all the employees. The counseling service aims to help employees handle personal and work-related problems more effectively, favor self-awareness, promote dialogue and well-being, while of course allowing them to remain anonymous and respecting their privacy. This project is just one of the many initiatives that Marcolin Group has always carried out for its employees, as their well-being and value are considered a top priority. All these projects are part of a vision where welfare, vocational training (thanks to the various Academies operating across the Group) and flexibility are the key assets on which the company’s success is based.