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Photo: Courtesy of Treedom

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Marcolin and Timberland Forest

Our concrete commitment in terms of global participation and focus on safeguarding the planet.

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International Earth Day: Marcolin and Treedom respond to the call

Each year, a month and a day after the spring equinox, the world rallies around the Earth to celebrate it on an international day that has been held on 22 April for more than 50 years: it is one of the most significant calls to action in terms of global participation and focuses on safeguarding the planet. Because Marcolin is conscious of the issue, it responds to the call and, since 2021, has chosen to participate in the development of sustainable projects in collaboration with Treedom, the digital platform that allows people to donate and choose native trees to be planted at a distance, learn about their history and give them a name. Following its development, via a ‘Tree Diary’ that chronicles its growth through photos and periodic reports, from the comfort of their own home, is part of the process. What lies behind it, however, is more than just a note of colour: that green, which does not appear on the Treedom world map, denotes the concrete tension towards an ideal. 

3.5 million trees have been planted

For the benefit of the environment – since 2010, thanks to Treedom, 3.5 million trees have been planted, involving more than 75,000 farmers in 17 countries around the world, which means offsetting the level of CO2 emissions, protecting the biodiversity of the environment and taking concrete action to combat soil erosion and the consequences of deforestation. The other side of this story speaks the language of local communities whose return is measured in terms of increased social welfare and security. 

50 million trees worldwide by 2025

Marcolin’s project – in partnership with Treedom and Timberland Eyewear, a brand in its portfolio since 2003 – sponsors the planting of 10,000 trees, geolocated by ID codes, for three years, through Treedom, enabling each supporter to follow the evolution and the related project in the different continents of the world involved. 14,985 trees, with unusual names – such as the Grevillea shrub that grows in Kenya, reaches a height of 10-12 metres and produces the characteristic yellow flowers whose nectar, attracting bees, promotes vital plant pollination – have been planted in ten countries, but also thanks to the previous agreement between Treedom and Timberland, committed to planting 50 million trees worldwide by 2025, we can witness the growth of a veritable widespread forest, one tree at a time, under the care of their respective custodians. 

  • Behind the scenes 3 days in Longarone Valley

    An open-air set in the setting of the Dolomites, a Unesco World Heritage Site since 2009. Breathtaking landscapes in the valley of eyewear: from Cortina D'Ampezzo to The Tre Cime di Lavaredo up to the profile of the mountains imprinted on the iconic Web Eyewear.

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  • 3 questions to With Sabrina Paulon

    May is the month that the European Commission and the EU Platform of Diversity Charter dedicate to promoting and celebrating diversity in the workplace. Sabrina Paulon, Group HR Director at Marcolin, following the company’s recognition as Italy’s Best Employers for Women 2023 in the eyewear industry, talks about the three key words for successful human resources management.

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  • 3 questions to WITH Duro Olowu

    The Nigerian born British fashion designer, renowned for his use of bold and harmonious patterns in his womenswear collections, discusses the inspirations behind his Capsule Collection for MAX&Co, titled “People, Places, Colour”. Modern, youthful, and chic, it includes sunglasses with frames printed in one of the bold patterns that is also featured on the clothing in the collection. As well as a case in the same pattern by Olowu for MAX&Co.

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