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Photo: Simon Beizaee

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Performing vision

For anyone involved in outdoor sports, eyewear is not just a style statement but a piece of equipment that can affect your performance.

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Wellbeing and safety

Wearing the right eyewear when exercising outdoors, whether you’re walking, cycling or running, is crucial to your wellbeing and safety. Particularly when running, details such as weight, frame stability, and breadth and sharpness of vision are decisive when it comes to training or competing.

New from Adidas

Adidas Sport Eyewear models have been developed specifically to optimise sporting performance. As well as protecting your eyes from the sun and wind, the brand’s latest models, SP0088 and SP0089, feature an adjustable nose piece to ensure the best possible fit and temples with an internal rubber grip to guarantee better stability during physical activity. They also cater for sportsmen and women with eyesight problems who want to be free of contact lenses.


The mechanics of these new models are all inside the frame where, with a simple gesture, the prescription lenses can be inserted and clipped directly onto the nose piece. The result is perfect vision, as confirmed by some of the journalists and athletes who tested them during the latest Adidas Experience, a 20-kilometre run along a scenic route in the Dolomites. “Stable and bounce-free, lightweight and practical: the lenses are easy to attach and remove,” comments British journalist and storyteller Matt Kollat.

The opinions

“What strikes you about these glasses is the wide, 180-degree vision and the excellent ventilation: the lenses don’t fog up, you don’t have to take them off because you’re sweating,” adds German photographer and outdoor blogger Björn Ahrndt, who wears contact lenses for sports. Test passed, then. The same goes for photochromic lenses, which help you cope with changing weather conditions and see well when switching from total shade to sunlight. Another requirement for anyone wanting to enjoy outdoor sports all year round, whatever the season.

What strikes you about these glasses is the wide, 180-degree vision