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In conversation with FRANCESCA VALAN


Francesca Valan

Francesca Valan, a world-famous color designer and a Professor at the Politecnico University in Milan, has worked a lot on the color-eyewear relationship throughout her career. She’s the right person to ask about the latest trends.

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It’s proven that color preferences follow cycles: tomorrow we’ll get tired of any color we love today. How can we choose a pair of glasses “for life”?

«Since the Covid pandemic we’ve all become more aware, color sensitivity has become more widespread and our choice parameters have also changed greatly. When we speak about colors, no-trend is the real trend today: we are all – businesses and individuals alike – instinctively looking for iconic colors that are destined to stand the test of time. And that also embrace a multisensorial dimension, for instance a certain scent associated with a certain material and a certain color. In case of eyewear, this translates into a certain shape, a (glossy, natural or matte) material and a (more or less saturated) color that represent and express our personality. Our eyewear of choice can be black or colored, small or oversize. But it’s always better to have a way out».


Is a pair of glasses enough?

«No, you need at least two: a pair to wear in the long term, on which you can invest a bit more, and a pair that meets your need for change. Whether it’s for an evening out, a special occasion or a holiday. Because you’re bound to get tired of a red frame if you wear it every day, but if you learn to measure it – like a spice in a recipe – then it becomes a stylish reflection of your personality».

“when you speak about an accessory like eyewear, materials also matter greatly”

A frame can be made of different materials: does this affect your color choice?

«According to the rules of color harmony, you can find your most flattering hues based on your natural colors, such as the skin tone, hair shade and eye color. The interesting thing is that, if they keep an open mind, anyone is instinctively drawn to such hues. However, when you speak about an accessory like eyewear, materials also matter greatly: how many there are, how they reflect the light, if there are any jewel-like details and so on. So, in the end I have just one final tip for you: if you are a monochrome but multi-material lover, you can play with colored, mono-material frames. On the other hand, if you love bright colors you’ll look good with monochrome frames embellished with unique details and inserts».