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In conversation with STEFANIA LAZZARONI


Stefania Lazzaroni

Stefania Lazzaroni, General Manager and CEO of Altagamma, is the right person to ask for a forecast of the future.

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You’ve been the Altagamma General Manager for over 10 years now: what has changed since then?

«Altagamma has changed, and so has the market. Altagamma has changed because when I joined the Foundation, it used to have approximately 67 members, while today there are 118 members which become over 140 companies if the partners are added, so it’s a larger community. But our list of activities has also grown longer: today we carry out awareness-raising initiatives as well, like the “Adopt a school” project dedicated to manufacturing products. But the entire industry has changed too. I like to remember that 10 years ago the industries represented in Altagamma – fashion, design, hospitality, jewelry and automotive – did not view the digital world as a cornerstone nor sustainability as a buzzword. Today, these are two pillars of the business, and not only in our industry».

“Marcolin entry in Altagamma is the perfect example of the fact that excellent manufacturing and savoir-faire must be part of our ecosystem”

2024 opened up with the entry of Marcolin in Altagamma. What are the drivers of this new collaboration?

«The collaboration was born organically and spontaneously. Marcolin is an excellent Italian manufacturing company that was already working with many of our member brands, such as Tod’s, Zegna, Max Mara, Pucci, so in a way it was already part of our community: Altagamma tends to involve companies that are already intrinsically connected to our sector, so Marcolin had already earned its spot. Its entry is the perfect example of the fact that excellent manufacturing and savoir-faire must be part of our ecosystem».


Whispering, never shouting. It’s the manifesto of “quiet luxury” that is currently influencing many brands. Is this the trend for the next few years?

«The definition of luxury has always been a bit nomadic, it changes when customer values change and so the industry has to change along with them: cyclically, you go from quiet luxury to “screaming” luxury, depending on the seasons. Quiet luxury has been gaining popularity lately, and some brands interpret it in a very powerful way, but I would say that this alternation between explosive and sober luxury is in the nature of luxury itself. Perhaps, however, after the pandemic we all tend to be more attracted by sober, pragmatic and effective luxury: rather than a status symbol, it’s a style that expresses values that are consistent with our personality and with who we are».