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In conversation with STEFANO GALUZZI


Stefano Galuzzi

Let’s meet Stefano Galuzzi, fashion photographer that shot the latest WEB Eyewear campaign, Marcolin’s house brand.

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Celebrated fashion photographer Stefano Galuzzi – whose images over the past years have graced the pages of illustrious magazines of the caliber of Vogue Mexico & Ukraine, 10 Magazine, Porter, The Edit, Vanity Fair, Italian GQ and L’Express Styles – also shot the latest WEB Eyewear campaign, Marcolin’s house brand that is globally appreciated for its design and style. Let’s meet him to learn more about the philosophy and “behind the scenes” of his job.


What pushed you to take a Master’s Degree in Photography after your Literature Degree and how did you make your debut in the fashion industry with a prestigious magazine like Vogue?

It was just by chance. During my Modern Literature studies, I ran into a former high school classmate of mine who, every week, used to photograph young actors from a theater company and who asked me to help him.  The darkroom really enraptured me: I was immediately intrigued by photo shooting.  The director of the theater company, who recognized my talent, let me attend an advanced photography course at Superstudio in Milan. After that, I started working as an assistant for two big names, Giampaolo Barbieri and Mauro Balletti, who was Mina’s photographer. Then, together with my future wife and muse, stylist Tanya Jones, I started creating a portfolio of street photos, shot in my favorite places around Milan, my hometown. During this job, I met Piero Piazzi, who at the time ran a prestigious modeling agency in Milan. He was so impressed by my work that he phoned Franca Sozzani at once: I met her the following day and she immediately offered me 20 pages for Vogue Italia.


“when I’m shooting, it all comes out naturally, without looking for any specific reference”

Your fashion shoots stand out for their unique shots, which seem to follow a sort of cinematic approach: can you tell us how you prepare for a new project?

I can tell you that I prepare myself every day, with books, magazines, movies and life itself. A mix of ideas, images and hints that I take in and that pervade my imagination. Then, when I’m shooting, it all comes out naturally, without looking for any specific reference, and this allows me to be creative and never ordinary.


Talking about the WEB Eyewear campaign that you shot recently, what elements guided you in this job?

Well, I love places where architecture, rather than just creating a space, tells a story. In this specific case, we’re talking about Gio Ponti, who was not just an architect, he was a visionary poet who created architecture where people can feel like the undisputed stars of a poetic and magic dimension. Marcolin has chosen this space very well: a rare example of Italian culture that we tried to bring to life with the WEB campaign shots.