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In conversation with ZHOU GUANYU


Zhou Guanyu

The young and talented Chinese Formula One driver made his debut for Alfa Romeo in 2022, after a period in the Renault Sport Academy and before at the Ferrari Driver Academy. Committed in the new Formula One season, we meet up with him, during a break between circuits to find out more about one of the faces of the new limited edition WEB EYEWEAR capsule collection, born from the partnership with Alfa Romeo F1 Team.

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How did your passion for cars start?

My passion for cars started very young age around 5 or 6 years old. I just loved all the kart ways since I was a kid. Then I started karting. My family took me to the go kart track. When I tried it for the first time I absolute enjoyed it. It sounded like something I really wanted to do. Then I experienced the Chinese Grand Prix and I felt like I wanted to be one day a F1 driver. That was my dream that kind of happened and made of, always trying everything I could, going step by step to arrive here in F1.


In 2022 you were the first Chinese driver to compete in a Formula One Grand Prix. What is your next challenge?

The next goal I want to reach in F1 is a victory. Winning a race could be amazing and at the same time having my own race in China for the 2024 season, which is really great for me and gives me an extra motivation. I want to achieve more and more. Better finish, top five, victories step by step. Hopefully racing for my own crowd… this could be an amazing atmosphere to be remembered.



What is Italian identity for you, given that you drive an Alfa Romeo and usually wear Web Eyewear?

The Italian identity means quite a lot for me. My F1 team is Italian and gave me the opportunity to reach my dream and start my journey in F1. Then I love the Italian culture. I lived in Italy for almost three years, I drived the Ferrari Driver Academy before so I know quite well the country and the cities, fashion, and design. The Italian brands always bring cool stuff, surprising ideas like these stylish sunglasses I appreciate to wear at the track.

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