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05 Jul 2023

Barton Perreira introduces the Women’s Coalition Collection in collaboration with writer, art historian and cultural critic, Sarah Hoover.

Featuring the DELIA Sunglasses Inspired By Sarah Hoover’s Coming-Of-Age Story

Los Angeles, CA - Barton Perreira, the luxury eyewear label, has released its second Women's Coalition Campaign in collaboration with writer, art historian and cultural critic, Sarah Hoover. Patty Perreira, Co-Founder of Barton Perreira and world-renowned designer, collaborated with Sarah to create the DELIA sunglasses. Patty and Sarah, both pioneering women in their respective fields, personify the core values of Barton Perreira's ongoing Women's Coalition Campaign, an initiative dedicated to empowering, recognizing, and advancing the achievements of talented women in today's society.

The Delia sunglasses give unwavering style with its chic curves and vibrant colors while providing shade from the summer rays. This nostalgic style’s name weaves a coming-of-age tale that resonates with many Millennial women. This eye-catching design brings back 90s fashion flair with timeless and vivid acetate colorways and an oversized silhouette, adding a mod edge. Whether you're reading Valley of the Dolls or flipping through a fashion magazine poolside, the Delia sunglasses epitomize summertime cool. The fluid and swooping lines, combined with bold and tapered temples, keep this frame balanced and flattering.

The cleaning cloth paired with the DELIA sunglasses pulls from Sarah's favorite artists — it features a long-haired, bare-breasted, shimmeringly iridescent mermaid by fine artist, Hiba Schahbaz. Hiba Schahbaz was born in Karachi, Pakistan and lives in Brooklyn, NY. She depicts women’s bodies often referencing self-portraiture, creating a space for herself and other women to tell their stories and reclaim their histories.

In her reflective essay on the collaboration, Hoover says, "In my most tortured years as a young teenager, I wanted nothing more than to have outfits with matching sunglasses in fun colors. I thought it would solve all my problems — I thought it would cure my acne, get me a boyfriend, and help me with chemistry homework. In my collaboration with Barton Perreira, I wanted to make sunglasses using the brand’s superior quality in manufacturing and construction, but in an attempt to soothe my tortured teenage self into a more confident adult—a grown up mermaid, someone who could feel beautiful and protected in her clothes and accessories. I never had the cool girl outfits and coordinating sunglasses as a young teenager, and I never felt beautiful in sunglasses, until now.”

“Collaborating with Sarah and diving into her imaginative world not only added a whole lot of fun to the design process but also took us on an exciting journey beyond the limits of our brand's typical style and colorways. It was an experience that allowed us to explore fresh ideas and let our creativity run wild,” says Patty Perreira.

In an effort to make an impact on women's lives beyond fashion, Barton Perreira will be donating a portion of the DELIA frame’s profits to Hoover’s non-profit of choice, The Art Production Fund. APF is a women-led non-profit organization dedicated to commissioning and producing ambitious public art projects, reaching new audiences, and expanding awareness through contemporary art.