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3 questions to Lorenzo Barberio

3 questions to with 3 questions to Federico Garcea

We met Treedom founder and CEO Federico Garcea, who was recently hosted at the first Marcolin Talk at the Milan showroom.

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3 questions to with 3 questions to Giuseppe Stigliano

How is communication changing? To find out, let’s meet Giuseppe Stigliano, a manager and a professor at various universities and business schools in Italy.

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3 questions to with Zhou Guanyu

The young and talented Chinese Formula One driver made his debut for Alfa Romeo in 2022, after a period in the Renault Sport Academy and before at the Ferrari Driver Academy. Committed in the new Formula One season, we meet up with him, during a break between circuits to find out more about one of the faces of the new limited edition WEB EYEWEAR capsule collection, born from the partnership with Alfa Romeo F1 Team.

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3 questions to With Andrea Batilla

It is impossible to summarize here Andrea Batilla’s long career in fashion, from his debut with Romeo Gigli to creative consulting for some of the most iconic brands. Andrea Batilla is also the author and founder of Pizza, a magazine dedicated to young creative talents from Milan. His latest book is titled “Come ti vesti” (Mondadori). We’re meeting him on the eve of the Milan Fashion Week, that this year will be held between September 19-25.

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