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6 things you don't know about Marcolin

Behind the scenes About One of Carlo Scarpa's masterpieces

Marcolin sets the campaign for the new Web Eyewear collection in the historic Olivetti showroom in Venice, a masterpiece designed by Carlo Scarpa.

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Behind the scenes about How is a pair of glasses created?

Among the various manufacturing steps, all of which are invisible to the public, there is one that is particularly long and delicate. It is referred to as tumbling, it originated in the 1950s and is still today an essential part of the fascinating journey that leads to the creation of a new frame.

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Behind the scenes About Augmented Reality

Marcolin focuses on augmented reality technology and launches an immersive tour project within its Italian factories, through which it will be possible to discover the behind the scenes story of the fascinating eyewear manufacturing.

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Behind the scenes About From the idea to the prototype

If we were looking for a simple definition, a dictionary would suffice to discover that prototyping is that stage of the industrial process in which a product prototype is created, and that, by extension, it refers to the company department dedicated to its creation. To gain access to the world that lies behind simple definitions, we visited the Longarone headquarters of the Marcolin Group to find out more.

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