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Photo: Sean Bolasingh

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Marcolin in New York City

Marcolin and the opening ceremony of the new NYC showroom: the perfect occasion to take journalists, partners and customers on a pleasant journey through craftsmanship, innovation and Mediterranean flavors.

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In the heart of Manhattan

A few days ago, Marcolin celebrated the opening of its new showroom on the 19th floor of a luxury building located at 270 Madison Avenue, the “most instagrammable street in Manhattan,” where some of the world’s most famous luxury brands have their shop windows. Designed by Milan-based Navone Associati studio – which also created the Paris space in Rue de Richelieu – the new Marcolin showroom is a well-lit space with a large gallery dedicated to all the brands in the Group’s portfolio, next to the offices, and a beautiful terrace overlooking the typical New York City skyline.

Tradition meets augmented reality

On the evening of the opening ceremony, guests and visitors had the opportunity to experience firsthand the unique mix of craftsmanship and innovation that is behind the Marcolin brand, while enjoying the beat of a live DJ set. This was possible thanks to a “creative room” dedicated to prototype design and creation and to a new augmented reality project that, through the use of special visors, allowed guests to take a virtual tour of the Group’s manufacturing facility in Italy, go “behind the scenes,” and discover all the eyewear creation and manufacturing phases.

“This was possible thanks to a “creative room” dedicated to prototype design and creation”

A cocktail of excellent products

Customers, partners, and journalists who attended the opening ceremony of the new showroom in Madison Avenue also had a chance to enjoy an amazing food tasting during the cocktail party organized by celebrated chef Alessandro Borghese. Chef Borghese was not there by chance, but because he is also very much loved in the United States, where he lived (he was born in San Francisco) and where he is considered one of Italy’s most influential ambassadors of traditional cuisine.

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