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Made in Italy Day on April 15: Save the date!

The first National Made in Italy Day makes its debut this year. A great opportunity to learn more about companies embodying Italian excellence, such as Marcolin in the “eyewear district”.

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A Symbolic Date

Upon request from Altagamma – that Marcolin joined this year – and the National Chamber for Italian Fashion, the first “National Made in Italy Day” will kick off on April 15th, a special occasion to celebrate Italian creativity and excellence. The date was not chosen by chance, it is a tribute to Leonardo da Vinci, who was born on April 15th, 1452: a genius, a scientist, an inventor and an artist who embodied the “universal talent” celebrated in the Renaissance, thus becoming a universal symbol of Italian creativity worldwide.

“The perfect occasion to find out the many interesting training and work opportunities”

Attention to Young People

A variety of initiatives will be held on Made in Italy Day: a roundtable, live experiences at companies and networking events with schools and universities.  The perfect occasion for young people to find out the many interesting training and work opportunities offered by the Italian high-end industry, which plays a key role in the country’s economy, employing almost 2 million people and representing a sector of excellence that is admired globally. An industry that, in light of future challenges, looks to the younger generations.

An Ever-Evolving World

The day dedicated to our brand identity will also be an occasion for many to find out that Italy is more than just a breathtaking tourist destination (boasting 51 UNESCO heritage sites), it is also a country with a flourishing manufacturing industry. An industry that, in a variety of different sectors – ranging from food to high-tech and mechanics up to design and home interior – brings together passion, culture of beauty and investment in innovation. Three keywords that characterize Made in Italy products and that have always been a part of Marcolin’s DNA, which is one of the major promoters of Made in Italy Day. No vanity or self-celebration then, just another occasion to introduce our excellent manufacturing heritage to the public at large.