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Max Mara’s Muses

Two big names in the world of architecture, art and culture of the early 1900s inspire the new Max Mara eyewear collection created by Marcolin. Eileen Gray and Lee Miller: let’s learn more about them.Max Mara’s Muses

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Iconic Tribute

Eileen Gray and Lee Miller. Two contemporary female icons who are a great source of inspiration for a brand like Max Mara, as well as the undisputed stars of the new eyewear collection designed by Marcolin. The first one is an Irish architect and designer, as well as a globally recognized pioneer of the modernist movement, who graced the pages of British Vogue back in 1917 and who, in Paris in the 1920s, combined her work in architecture with her work on the series production of tubular steel furniture pieces (her adjustable table E-1027 is part of the permanent collection of MoMA in New York). A world-famous model who later became a sophisticated and fearless photographer, Lee Miller is a leading figure in the surrealist movement but also a war photographer, actually one of the first (and the only woman) to capture the liberation of Paris and the Nazi concentration camps.

The New Collection

Max Mara, a brand that has always loved celebrating the style and personality of the most interesting and influential female figures in contemporary history, thus stays true to its attitude also in this eyewear collection. It does so with an eyewear release that, with its interplay of lines and dimensions, nuances and precious details, evokes the signature style of these two key figures in the aesthetic and culture of the Twentieth Century. Eileen Gray’s rigorous and detail-oriented style and Lee Miller’s glamorous and unconventional one.

“frames that amaze with their oversize looks, sinuous lines, tubular profiles and bold volumes”

Precious Details

But how do Eileen Gray’s architecture and Lee Miller’s attitude translate into the new Max Mara eyewear collection? With innovative, edgy yet elegant designs, as well as frames that amaze with their oversize looks, sinuous lines, tubular profiles and bold volumes. A variety of different aesthetic solutions, including some options embellished with Maxim, the sparkling jewel-like geometric detail that identifies the collection and that co-stars in this all-women collection.


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